Dominique –

Victim Location 94015

Total money lost $600

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I wanted to buy a Family pet which is a poodle so I checked on some of the website. I came across with a picture of a poodle name Stella on the website of so I immediately filled out the form in the website to apply fir adoption. The next day I received a feedback that I was approved. Then I ask how to begin the process particularly the payment. It didn’t cross my mind that it is a scam. Because they explained how I will send the money etc. I even ask to hold the puppy since our new home will be ready in 2 weeks but through e-mail I was told I still need to give a holding fee. Since I am ready anyway, I just thought of paying the entire fee of $600. $500 for puppy and $100 for shipping. There are 2 methods of payment (1) Through WesternUnion credit/ debit card (2) Walmart to Walmart money transfer. So I chose the first option. Then upon instruction to e-mail the receipt or proof of payment to them.The Receivers Name is JACK BOLLARD of Little Rock Arkansas.So after that he responded that got the payment and he already booked a flight but there’s no direct flight in our area he still in process, he will just update me. So in the morning the next day I woke up with an e-mail from PET TRANSMOVER that I have to pay for a crate because the crate provided is not approved and not proper should be ventilated and need to inject 2 vaccines amounted to $72×2 and the total is $5,547 and because of numerous complaints from other customers they are offering a crate rental of $950. To be paid only via wallmart to wallmart money transfer. So I immediately told my family and they began to seach online and came across with an article about petscam and This is a very similar method. So I emailed the Stevennpoodle and told them it is not my responsibility to pay for the crate and I will not give any single cents. Up to this time they have not responded to my e-mail. I also check the pet transport and to no avail. I tried calling their number but to no avail.

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