Steven Skip

Antonio –

Victim Location 54911

Type of a scam Family/Friend Emergency

I received a call from a man who said he was my grandson and was in jail. He called me grandma, which my grandkids call me NoNi. He said this in Michael and I said that you don’t go by Michael, you go by Justin. He said he was in Atlanta, had been in an accident and his friend had died. He needed bail money and could I help him. I said sure, but why don’t you call your father? He said he was embarrassed. He said he had to hang up but that the public defender (Michael Price) would be calling and this is my case number. 41K2615. I then got a call from the public defender, Steven Skip who asked if I knew what happened. He said that my grandson had broken his nose and had stitches by his mouth. He said the bail was going to be $3000, but that he had gotten it down to $960 and I was send it by money in a minute. I was told to take the name Christian Paulino and another name, but the call dropped. I did not get the number but it came out of GA.

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