Stephen Hogan

Brad –

Victim Location 43302

Type of a scam Employment

Stephen Hogan contacted me through Rover, a pet sitting service provider. He said he wanted to secure me to watch his dog, sent pictures of his supposed family and dog. Claimed to work with deaf and hard of hearing people. He wanted to send me a check for “supplies” to care for his dog so he sent a check for over 2000 dollars of which I was supposed to keep 400 and forward the rest to a “pet supplier”. When I got the check it did not jive with his story and so I reached out to ask if I could have the info to forward the funds. He stopped responding. I went to the police and was told that I should report it to the attorney general and that the police could not even take a report. They advised to destroy the check.

Ronald –

Victim Location 75287

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

Was contacted through Rover to get more information via email. His email basically said he was moving to a neighborhood near me, need someone to take care of his dog, was going to send a big check that would pay my first week and then be used to pay for a dog crate or something.

Angelica –

Victim Location 07836

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

The person went by the name Stephen Hogan, he contacted me through Said he was looking for someone to watch his dog before he moved to my area. He wanted to send me a check over $2,000 and have me take $400 of it for myself to secure my first week working for him. The rest of the money was to go to supplies and kennel for the dog. I emailed him to ask to meet before the check was sent so that I could be sure that it was not a scam and he stopped emailing me. I told him if he didn’t get ahold of me soon I would report him, and here we are. Sent pictures of what was supposed to be him with his wife and three kids, one including a picture of the dog that was not even the breed he had described previously.

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