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Ronnie – Jul 08, 2020

Victim Location 34219

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I got a message from a friend which included her maiden name and her picture. So l thought she was telling me the truth because I know she wouldn’t lie. She gave me the phone number (469) 359-1784 which I called and he first asked for all sorts of personal info which I was dumb enough to give him, then he would check all my info against his data base. Then he came back and said I was approved and after I selected how much I needed I was to give them a credit card name, bank, login, password and said I needed to authorize $1000 through Zella or Cashapp and told him I didn’t know how to use them. Then he said to just send a copy of the front and back of my Debit card and they would get it that way. Fortunately Chase refused and then he said an agent would come to my hose with papers to sign and I could pay them them. I called my friend and she never sent me anything so I called the bank and had them close my account and debit card. He gave me these numbers I was to give the agent. Ref. 99003245.

Batch #65692900011/444. PB: 756/TTCF. Ticket 67654668. Serial # 7734193388. Contact me if you have further questions.

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