Stein and Sullivan Recovery Reviews - Stein and Sullivan Recovery Scam or Legit

Edward –

Victim Location 95337

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Someone who claimed to be a collection agent called my husband’s work phone this morning, looking for me to settle a credit card debt to the tune of $6800, but they would settle today for over $3400 if we act today. This debt is nearly 10 years old on a credit card I’ve never owned. So I called and spoke with the representative. They have an answer for everything. It couldn’t be ID theft because apparently I ‘paid’ the bill for 4 years before it went delinquent. Collection agencies have been trying to reach me for 5 years, even though they had my correct address and I’ve never received one piece of mail or one phone call to this end. She said I must have not opened it thinking it was junk mail- FOR 5 YEARS! When asked for statements or documentation, it’s too late and the debt has been ‘sold’ so many times I will have to hire a lawyer at my own expense to investigate, recover original documents, do a ‘signature verification’ and figure out what is going on. When I mentioned that I ckeck my credit frequently, I was told that not all banks or agencies report to the credit bureaus, so I was living under a false sense of security. Mind you, the claim is said to be with Citibank, who I am sure would definitely report to credit bureaus. I have a Costco citibank card, and it is on my credit report. The collector also told my husband that I must be keeping secrets from him and I need to get my finances straight, at which point he lost his temper with her. I was told my choices are do nothing and let it go to court, where if I lose I will have to pay in full plus fees, hire a lawyer that I was told will cost about as much as just paying the settlement, and then if they find me in the wrong, I will still have to pay in full, or pay the settlement immediately. I cannot find this company online or on the BBB website, so it has to be a scam. It’s not my card or my debt.

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