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Chad –

Victim Location 99208

Type of a scam Phishing

I have been called a few times by a robo dialer, so I called the number back. The rude woman on the other end wouldn’t say the company name and I asked several times which company I was calling. She didn’t mention any names until after I stupidly confirmed personal info. She asked me about a loan with cashnetusa. I said no, never happened, and I wasn’t with the bank she mentioned. She then said that the sheriff will just serve me with a subpoena. As she was hanging up I said, they don’t do that. I called back later the same day and got her again. I let her know I filed a complaint with the FTC and they’re not legitimate. She hung up while saying they’ll just move forward with the garnishment. I called back and "Wayne" answered the phone. I gave him the same info about the FTC and he was rude, just saying that he wasn’t involved in the hang up, and if I kept up what I was saying, he would hang up too. I eventually got him to supposedly take phone numbers out of their system, saying it can take up to 24 hours if on an auto dial system. I then asked what they do exactly. He said that at this juncture, it didn’t matter what they do, that there was no point in explaining because I’d already said they weren’t legitimate. We then hung up.

Krystal –

Victim Location 76028

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Contacted myself and my husband several times over the last couple weeks. Leave an automated message upon call back if anyone answers they are very weird about giving info but had ALL of my personal information and used it against me to tell me I was being sued for a payday loan I never had.

Kristy –

Victim Location 53212

Type of a scam Debt Collections

A firm has called from the following numbers of: 1-855-424-2091 and 1-855-214-1934 via an automated system declaring attempt to fax a summons/subpoena related to court for a lawsuit as outstanding financial obligation. The next call was from a representative named "Wayne". I have returned the call numerous of times to be hung up on or mailbox full. I returned the call today to the number 1-855-424-2091 and spoke with a representative after a call was placed to my employer. I immediately asked for the name of the firm. He stated it very quickly indicating attempting to collect a debt. I asked if he could repeat the name, spell it and provide a complete address. He stated I’m hanging up and did so. I returned the call again to 1-855-214-1934 after a call was again placed to my employer requesting my supervisor. I returned the called, provided the name to the employer and not my name. They indicated they were seeking another individual (who is not employed at the organization). I indicated that a release of information, court order or subpoena for information is needed for any release of information from said employer. The call was terminated. Calls have been placed to my spouse, my employer, my father and my mobile number. Ultimately, I knew it was a scam immediately as I have filed and discharged from a bankruptcy in the federal court system within the last 12 months resulting no unknown debt or ability to pursue.

Logan –

Victim Location 08010

Type of a scam Debt Collections

This company has called my family members stating they need to reach me to serve me papers for a payday loan that I never received. They didn’t have any documentation to prove anything. I appreciate if they would stop calling my family members and myself. A lady by the name of Kathy Johnson left a message and Wayne Phillips answered the phone. All he said was hello. He didn’t state what company he was calling from when he answered the phone.

Jennifer –

Victim Location 21030

Type of a scam Debt Collections

First, my husband received numerous calls from this number leaving messages saying that they are looking for me (by my maiden name). Then my father (who live in another state and has a new number) received a call from them also looking for me. So today they contact my phone and I speak to a GREGORY MURPHY ext 205 and he says i’m being sued by an online PayDay loan company. I’ve never received a payday loan online. He stated the month and year I supposedly received this loan, the pre-paid bank account it went to and said I’ll be served. I am now waiting to see when I’m served or if i’m served at all. I called by the number to get the address of the company because I googled the number and name given to me and I can’t find anything. The lady that answered the phone "Monica" she transferred me to Gregory’s extension and he didi not answer, so his voicemail came on and I left a message. I called right back, Monica answered again and I told her she just transferred me to him, he didn’t answer and I just wanted the name and address of their company. She said "hold on" then proceeded to hang up. I called back to back about 20 times (2x it was picked up and hung up).the phone just rang, then went to a full mailbox. I then blocked my number and called and Monica immediately answered so I hung up, then called back without blocking my number and she did not answer again. I called back with a blocked number Monica answered and I said I wanted to speak to a manager. She said "Sure! Is it about a case or someone who works here?" I said "No, I just need to speak to a manager." Monica said okay hold on, then hangs up on me. I called right back blocked number and a rude man (I didn’t quite get his name) answers the phone . I asked him if he was the manager , he rudely responded yes and said how can he help me. I said I called multiple times and Monica either wouldn’t answer or answer and hung up on me and I would like to get you guys business name and address. He rudely ask for my name or the number i’m calling from and I ask why I needed to give that information to get their address. He cuts me off while darn near yelling and talking over me saying HOW HE NEEDS TO KNOW WHO HE IS GIVING IT TO SO HE CAN PUT IT IN THEIR SYSTEM. I told him I won’t and he says to me while yelling THAT HE IS GOING TO DISCONNECT THIS CALL AND HE IS GLAD THAT HE IS RECORDING IT SO THAT HE CAN SHOW THAT HE IS DOING HIS DILIGENCE AS A MANAGER, then proceeds to hang up. I called right back and Monica answered and I asked to speak to ext. 205, she transfers me, his recording comes on saying to leave a message, then it hung up. I called back again then someone named "Lea" answers and I just hung up. This is so nerve wrecking. I don’t know if it’s a scam because they didn’t ask for money, but I do know I never received an online PayDay Loan. I went online to my prepaid card account, looked at all MONEY IN since I first opened my account and all my 2012 statements and there is none from a loan company of any sort. SMH! I’m so confused right now.

Mayra –

Victim Location 70458

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

They are constantly calling me from various phone numbers claiming to have court documents to serve me with.

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