State to State Movers

Alexis –

Victim Location 33579

Total money lost $1,000

Type of a scam Moving

I was contacted about my move to Florida for an estimate. I’ve had several estimates by different movers and State To State movers gave a quote of 2447.60 at .39 per lb. with free tv boxes for 5 TVs and free wrapping for my oversized mirrors. I made it clear that I wanted to use State To State company truck and their company movers absolutely no 2 nd and 3rd party venders. I was assured that my truck and driver were direct STS employees. The day of the move the movers showed up and I took a heavy couch set off and refrigerator that was stainless steel which should have made the load less heavy. There were boxes of comforters and sheets added because they said everything had to be in boxes and not containers. In the final stage of loading one of the movers stated that I needed to sign an inventory sheet and another sheet saying that he has custody of my load or he couldn’t take my things. I signed but did not date they page as I was suppose to be informed of the final weight before I dated the sheet. He said he would call once he got to the weight station for approval then come back so that the form could be looked over and dated. He then said that he would only come back if the weight was more than he and State to State quoted which was 2447.60 – 2936.13 About 20 mins after the movers left I noticed that the movers left a old heavy chest 2 book cases 2 heavy metal outside chairs and other household items that were marked for the movers. I called the driver Tito and requested him to return to pick up said items because I could not transport the large items in our already packed van and car. Tito replied that he was sorry and could not because he was already on the road to Maryland. I asked him what should I do about my furniture that was left and he stated that maybe I should sell it. I asked about the weight station and total and he stated that He sent the total to State to State movers and they were going to contact me. FYI Stat to State advised that they never received to final amount from Tito he texted the amount to them when I called to complain once I asked them to deliver my load 3 weeks later. We proceeded with our move to Florida and once we called to have our furniture delivered because the free 30 day storage was up the next day Tito stated that he was trying to contact me on my new number which I have no calls from his number then he said my total went from 2447.60 to 5300+ if I wanted my furniture. I asked him how could my total double after I took of a huge sofa refrigerator and you left several large items. He couldn’t explain so I called State to state and asked if this was their employee or second party vender which they explained that they sometimes use other companies to mover their clients. I reminded them of the original deal and they even stated that the move should not have doubled. The paperwork was ( forged )dated by my name and the total was put in after they left with my things I would have never agreed to $5300+ especially when every movers that came to give estimates quoted $2400 – $3100 !! I’ve been trying to speak to the owner because they are trying to scam and take advantage of people who trusted them with their belongings. It’s been a week and I’m in my home without my families belongings I have 2 daughters and a 77 year old mom with no clothing and sleeping on the floor. We have spoken to legal counsel and they believe that this is indeed a scam. State to State movers should be accountable for who the sub contact moves to. I just want my belongings at what we agreed to!!

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