Starx Shipping Reviews - Starx Shipping Scam or Legit

Pedro – May 20, 2020

I was also scammed by starx shipping. I lost thousands after doing a wire transfer and everything seemed legit until suddenly they stopped communicating with me. I hope whoever this scammer is dies painfully. I was buying a second vehicle through them and now my first vehicle is done for so I am without transportation and don’t have the funds to get a new vehicle because I fell for this scam!

Theodore – Apr 19, 2020

Victim Location 30044

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Starx Shipping LLC. I am helping my brother find a car to purchase and pick up through classifieds, Facebook postings etc. We found this vehicle we were interested in on Trovit; 1997 Nissan 240sx. (These cars are sought after by enthusiasts and are difficult to find in the condition and price listed by this seller). The seller, who goes by the name Christopher Baker, initially was slow to respond. After a few back and forths (seller using a couple of different emails) the seller was quick to respond. He claims to be selling a vehicle for his father which lives in a different state than himself. He mentions the entire transaction has to be done through an escrow service called Starx Shipping LLC. You have to register to that website ( and make a full payment through that website to have the vehicle shipped to you. The way the site is set up (at first glance) and the professional manner in which the seller communicates can be very deceiving. Upon further investigation we found several more red flags. The website was just made on March of 2020, about a week or two before the vehicle was posted. We found absolutely no reviews for this website or service. The addresses provided do not lead to any legitimate business locations. There is a "Company Number" under "Contact us" link, which is illegitimate and does not work. The name of the company is similar to Star Ex Transport which is an actually legitimate company. Businesses that ship internationally or worldwide need registration through the government. Companies of this sort should provide an unexpired and current fmcsa number (most importantly) which is done through the government as stated before, and a few other details to prove their legitimacy. Starx Shipping LLC does not provide any of this and contacting them is impossible as their information is not legitimate. Please beware. We would hate for anyone to fall into this horrible scam.

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