Stardust LED’s Reviews - Stardust LED’s Scam or Legit

Arthur – Dec 17, 2020

On December 7, 2020 I ordered Tru Bass LED Bluetooth speaker for $49.95. I never received a tracking number.. I have emailed Stardust Leds three times and left a voice mail. I have not heard from them. This was a Christmas present..

At the time that I ordered this. I also ordered another item which I received in a timely manner.

I am very upset with this company.

Luis – Dec 03, 2020

I ordered LEDs on November 23rd 2020 and went to track my package and they say delivered 4th November 2020! Must be fake based on this. I went to email them and the only contact is a “don’t reply” email contact. Crap. I’ve been had. Don’t buy from them please. I will retract this statement/post if the item shows up but I don’t see how they can if it says they have been delivered before I ordered them (what?) and I obviously have zero package from them! Mad. I’m pretty mad.

Kari – Dec 04, 2020

I am getting help from the company now so have asked for this review to come down. My apologies. It seems I do have an order on the way. I don’t know why it told me my package arrived when it hasn’t, but I can recommend them going forward as I am told my package is on the way!

Trevor – Sep 01, 2020

Don’t. And i mean don’t order from here! I ordered 4 lights, one in march, three in April. The first one was so cheap it broke. The other three were missing a part so I couldn’t use them. I emailed them for a refund and they stalled me for five months. Now, finally they answered me, and instead of giving me my refund, they sent lights to my house when I blatantly asked for a refund. Get lights of amazon or something. I’d rather die than use this [censored]ty company ever again.

Krista – Jun 30, 2020

Wow oh Wow 😠 I wish I would have read the reviews before I ordered I ordered June 2nd it is now the 29th and I still have not received my package 🖕 as a matter of fact they stopped replying to my emails so this is what it feels like to be screwed with no lubrication 👉👌

Oscar – Jun 30, 2020

Ordered April 17th Order #26313 havent got my package since its been 3 months basically 4, I’m done with this bs I’m asking for a refund

Krystal – Sep 01, 2020

Girl, you probably won’t even get one, these [censored] are [censored]ing us all over

Valerie – Jun 20, 2020

I ordered the Ultra Bright Led-Strip 44 Button lights on April 10, 2020 for $18.95. Order # 24182. I never received them, asked for a refund and this company refused. I know its not much money but it is to me. My granddaughter was really looking forward to them for her birthday so I ordered more from Amazon and received them in three days. Now anytime I e-mail them I get an auto email stating they received my request but that it. Nothing else. Something needs to be done about this company. Thank you, Theresa Troupe [email protected]

Lori – Jun 19, 2020

I orders from stardust led on 4/13/2020 and still no package. same as others they sent me emails saying it’s coming in a few days for MONTHS I don’t want the product anymore I just want my refund!

Dominic – Jun 17, 2020

Just like all the others on here, I have experienced the same thing. I placed an order on 04/13/2020 for my daughter’s birthday. These lights were all she asked for! Getting nothing but the run around. Telling me to wait a few more days, then email again…NOTHING! I want a refund and have told them that several times. This company is a joke with no customer service. My first order was “lost” so they supposedly sent a replacement out, which has been “in transit” for 55 DAYS! That’s insane!

Raymond – Jun 16, 2020

Exact same as all of the others. Ordered in April of this year and the tracking info I am being given states its coming from China with no other information. It is a USPS tracking number so I am going to reach out to see if they can do something with this fraudulent company.

Glenn – Jun 15, 2020

Scammer’s website

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Other

Initial means of contact Email

Ordered from this website over 45 days ago emailed refused for refund since they said shipped send me a track number that is bogus saying the led lights are still in china

Shawn – Jun 12, 2020

It took 2 months for my order to come in. The website says they are a US based company, they were shipped from China. I don’t appreciate the deception. I was never given tracking information. I order online often and no other retailer takes so long to ship.

Colleen – Jul 05, 2020

Wait so you got your ledlights

Kristen – Jun 10, 2020

I ordered on 22nd April for my daughter who saved up her money and have received nothing. They do reply to my email with a tracking number but it still says it is in transit.
Do not buy from this company.

Cassandra – Jun 06, 2020

I placed my order and I am still waiting for my shipping instructions. I have emailed 3 times. No one has answered my emails.

Carolyn – Jun 09, 2020

I ordered mines in April and i still dont have them. I think its a scam!

Jeremiah – Jun 05, 2020

I’ve been waiting for my led for about 2 months now and they never even came. I emailed them several time they replied with the same thing all over again

Lacey – Jun 03, 2020

Scammer’s website Stardust LED’S

Scammer’s email MichaelStardustLED’S

Country United States

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Initial means of contact Not applicable

Ordered lights on April 18,2020. Supposed to have been in shipment w a tracking number May 8, 2020 but there is no info available in the tracking number! Took me for $44. Would not recommend ordering from this company!

Kurt – Jun 03, 2020

I ordered these lights early April 18, 2020. They tell me they are shipped and have a tracking number. This was May 9,2020. There is no information at all available on this package! I have asked for a refund of $44 with no response. I would not recommend ordering from Stardust LED’s unless you want to lose your money! They are using covid-19 as an excuse! How convenient! They are scammers!

Suzanne – Jun 02, 2020

Do not buy from They are total rip off. Order product back in March 2020. Never received the product. Ask for refund or replacement shipment and I was told “I’m sorry, but we do not cancel orders once they have been fulfilled and are in the shipping process.” with no assistance to fix the order. No tracking detail information or followup from shipper.

So don’t by from unless you want to loose your money

Darrell – Jun 01, 2020

i ordered the lights a long time ago and i still haven’t received them. it’s been over a month and it’s getting ridiculous. i am going to dispute the order with the credit card company and get my money back. DO NOT ORDER FROM THE WEBSITE. i’m pretty sure it is a scam. i have heard that the website url was purchased and they are just stealing people’s money and not supplying any product. i’ve learned my lesson and now am going to be very weary about ordering online.

Tonya – May 29, 2020

My son saved up his money so I could order these lights from him back on April 11th. It’s now May 29th and still nothing! I keep emailing them and they reply with an update on my order saying it’s been shipped, but when I get the shipping update it says it’s been in China since April 29th. I’m pretty sure it’s a fake company that doesn’t exist and they are just stealing people’s money. I have asked several times for my money and they ignore my request. I’m gonna report this to my bank so they can do some investigation. Their website says they are USA based and that is definitely a lie because why would the lights ship from China? DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS WEBSITE! You will never receive your order.

Jessie – May 28, 2020

Horrible my order has been “in transit” for 35 and it’s still in China I WANT A REFUND! This is ridiculous how long and terrible this service is. It’s fake this website is fake DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM HERE!

Nicholas –

4106 Chester Dr, Tyler Texas is their address. It is literally someone’s house!

Suzanne –

I ordered LEDs from Stardust for my son. It was his money he worked hard for. We ordered them in April around Easter. It is nearly June. I keep getting the run around, and being told they don’t give refunds. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do not order from this place. I can’t even call it a company because they don’t put out any product. They have no contact info except for an email address. So I am pretty sure they dont really exsist. It’s probably some [censored] behind a computer stealing money from hardworking people!

Devon –

Never buy from They are ripping people off. I placed 2 orders on April 11th and never received anything. I emailed them so many times and they just keep giving me the run-around. Their responses looks like they are generated automatically because they keep repeating the same thing. Does anyone know how to report and take their website down?

Jake –

Bought some Led’s from stardust well over a month ago. Contacted them after not receiving shipping info after a month to be told it usually takes 14-25 days. Contacted again after a month to be told it might have been misplaced. They said they could send another, I have not heard back from them at all. I have emailed multiple times to get a refund to no avail. Don’t waste your money. It’s a scam!

Whitney –

The website is a scam. They have been scamming many customers and not delivering their products. They provide fake tracking numbers. Many people are complaining that they are not receiving their products. The website is a scam and needs to be taken down. I have filed a complaint with the United States Better Business Bureau and PayPal. I will do whatever I can to take their website down so others do not become victims of their scam and dishonest business practices.

Gloria –

its been 4 and a half weeks then we emailed then it said to email the gmail [email protected]?! whatt and then once emailed that one it had an automatic reply and of no help!

Mario –

We’ve resolved this issue and have updated our email formats. To contact us please visit our contact us page on our website or message us at [email protected]

Bryce –

Same as all of the reports below. I ordered lights for my daughter on 4/3/2020 and they are still sitting at the shipping post in China waiting to be shipped. Not one update since the date I ordered. Now they will not respond via email like they were. I will give it another 2 weeks (since I’ve waited this long already) and then I will dispute it with my bank if I need to. I don’t mind the wait if someone would be honest and contact me and tell me the issue but this no contact or saying the same thing is definitely not how you run a business.

Mitchell –

Could you please send me your order number? I would like to investigate this issue and understand why you were not assisted with your issue.

Maggie –

Scammer’s phone There isn’t one ?

Scammer’s website [email protected]

Scammer’s address Not sure

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Email

I placed this order in on april14 for my son and it was almost a month gone by and I still never received a tracking number for my purchase ?So I emailed them and the gentleman said oh you sorry abt that and here’s your tracking number so I checked And it said it should be here within the next five days which is great ! Ya right Five days go by and still no package and then I checked the tracking again and it gave me a whole different date ? Are you kidding me like I already knew something was a joke about this seller !The Estimated deliverychanged and it was extended further out Then the first time I checked it !I then contacted the Stardust contact support again and he’s asked me if could wait Three more days to see if my package arrives before asking for a refund!So I made the three business days contacted them again and I had a different representative emEmailing me the same exact words that the guy told me three days ago asking me the same exact thing that the gentleman Asked me to give her three more business days to see if the package comes this was today !This business should be shut down because they definitely are scamming and taking people’s money!I don’t even know how to get my money back because I’m not getting anywhere With them And they don’t even have a phone number to contact them and you get the same exact message when you try to contact them it’s like it’s a robot you’re talking to !

Jenna –

I ordered a gift for my son on March 24, 2020. Today is May 15, 2020. My first email they said it was 7-14 business days for shipping. My second email I pointed out it has been 32 business days already. They sent me the shipping tracking email and one minute later said “
I’m sorry, but we do not cancel orders once they have been fulfilled and are in the shipping process. Thank you for your patience and have a great day!”. Do not order from here. I still have not received my order.

Cassie –

Well, Bought STARDUST LED lights around a month ago. Still havent gotten them, The website with the “tracking number” Just keeps getting delayed and saying 3-8 shipping days. I’ve emailed them 3 times already. They just keep saying its a problem with their “shipping carrier” Even though I highly doubt that. Yes I know it because be from covid, But it should not keep delaying. if anyone knows a way to get my money back please reply.

Molly –

I think calling the bank is the only option. That’s what I had to do.

Alana –

My mom bought me these lights back in march. It is currently the 13th of may. My mom thinks they stole our money and now so do I. I also live in the U.S.A so explain.

Stephanie –

It’s been a month today since we ordered the lights, still not here. This is a horrible company DO NOT BUY FROM THEM. Currently attempting to get money back. They gave fake tracking info as well.

Preston –

My best friend has ordered $23 dollars worth of her hard worked money. The website says that she has to wait 7 – 24 days. She has waited 13 days already and still no lights. GUYS DO NOT TRUST STAR DUST LEDS. They are a scam. Don’t let your friends or family order this too. They are a massive scam.

Andrea –

If it says it is going to take 7-24 business days and she has only waited for 13, I suggest you do not tell people not to buy them because they are still within their time of 24 days, right now 7, that they can get them to her before she can file a complaint. You are out of place, and they can technically sue you for misleading. I suggest you take this one down and file a REAL complaint if they do not come by the 24th of this month.
Thank you.

Renee –

My mom bought leds lights to me, it costed her 54 dollars. When she bought it, it said that they were gonna send her a receipt via email but she did not receive anything. So I dont have any order number or tracking number. When she bought it, it said it would take 30 days MAX but its been over a month and we didnt receive anything. Please tell me their email so I can contact them. Thank you and dont buy from them.

Colin –

Sure you contact us by visiting our contact us page on the bottom of our website. All orders come with an automatic receipt via email of the order info. In your case you may have misspelled your email or entered a phone number instead.

Shaun –

The thing is if you live in the U.S we have stopped all shipping to China and from China that might be the main reason and I have been waiting a month so yea I’m concerned about me money being scamed

Kimberly –

I ordered son lights on the 1st of April its now April 30th and still nothing i asked for my money back and they said they cannot refund me my money after the order has been fulfilled it wasn’t fulfilled because I haven’t got the freaking lights this place is bs

Philip –

Could you please tell me what shipping speed you selected? Please note our shipping times are in business days meaning we do not count weekends or holidays.

Martha –

DO NOT order from this website! I purchased 90 dollars worth of lights and it has been over a month with still no lights. After trying to track the shipment, I saw that it has been in the same place (China Transit) for three and a half weeks. After looking up the tracking website to see if it is legitimate, I came across numerous websites with complaints saying it is a scam. Complete waste of time and money.

Evelyn –

Get a money dispute from your bank

Melanie –

Haven’t got mine yet but only ordered them a couple of days ago but be aware the cake browser app I use says the site is not secure

Justin –

Ordered these lights on March 24th, i have emailed 4-5 times and only received one email that wasn’t automated stating they were sorry and provided me a tracking number. This tracking info has had the same info for the last three weeks. I understand Covid and then issues but what about keeping in contact with your customers. That comment is for all the people that are sayinG be patient. I an saying for stardust to be transparent. My son ordered this with his prepaid credit card he got for his birthday. I feel bad because I cant find a number and the emailing is useless. I am seeking legal guidance after covid. I dont care if it was 40$, It was my hard earned money and I want it back! They are a big scam!

Sharon –

+1 903-374-3727 Is there number but they don’t have anyone manning the lines. They gave me a fake link to track my order

Kristine –

You can visit these links to see helpful information about the product and send a message to them directly from there page

Sierra –

Ordered lights on 3-10-2020, for $44.95. Now 4-19-2020, and have received nothing, just bogus shipping map showing it in some random address in Queens, NY after supposedly sitting in China for a month. This is a complete and utter ripoff scam. Don’t make the same mistake we all have made, though if you’re reading this here, you probably already have. Live and learn, use reputable sources when buying online. There are many bad people out there.

Carla –

COVID-19 was happening then and is still continuing. Shipping is going to be long because of this. It is not a bad website the reviews before 2020 people got their stuff. And they give information about their website. maybe we will get are stuff after May 3. Just give it time.

Christine –

By the way, the ARRIVE app that the Stardust crooks say to use to track delivery is most likely a scam associated with this criminal activity the Apple App Store should take it down or use it to track the Chinese [censored] down.

Kathleen –

My mom ordered me some led lights more than 2 weeks ago and we have received nothing. She spent $45 on them and we haven’t heard one thing from them telling us our order is messed up or cancelled.We are going to try emailing them
but I can tell by the reviews that they will probably not answer me.

Donna –

Someone on Instagram it takes 4-5 weeks to get to your house. probably how long it takes me to order a phone case off of amazon.

Michele –

Corona may be slowing down shipping. The reviews before 2020 and corona people got their stuff. Think about what is happening right now.

Matthew –

Ordered the lights about 2 weeks ago with credit card was just searching up now to see how good quality they would be after reading the comments on here I definitely want a refund do you know if there is any way i can get one?

Frank –

hey, i ordered my stardust leds 2 weeks ago and they still havnt came. if anyone can inform me on whats going on please email me at [email protected]

Richard –

My mom bought me 3 WHEELS ig these lights as an easter gift since she cant go anywhere and i see TONS of ads about stardust led lights on tiktok so now it’s April 22 and I ordered them April 6th and now feel utter dissapointment and sadness. I also feel bad for making my mom spend 69.80$ on lights that probably arnt coming anytime soon 😞😞😞😞

Adrian –

I have experienced the same problems as the other reviewers. I ordered an item last week, hoping to give it to my grandson for Easter. I’ve emailed them twice for a shipping update–crickets. I tried call their number this morning and got a recording that they weren’t available. Their customer service isn’t just terrible, it’s nonexistent. I’m notifying PayPal to cancel my order.

Caitlin –

I ordered stardust led lights 5 weeks ago and they still haven’t come, how do you think i could get my money back

Albert –

how long have you waited for them?

Lauren –

Ordered lights for my daughter. Tracking number does not work. Overdue from promised date. Customer service number has no answer. “Contact us” email is a DONOTREPLY email. This is a scam.

Tyler –

No delivery of goods. No customer service. Ripoff scam.

Samantha –

I made an order with them 03/19/2020, I didn’t receive a tracking number but they said my order was confirmed and it would be 7-14 business days. I assumed it may take a tad longer with the “beverage virus” going wild but I figured Id make a call to see if my order was being moved along only to see NO PHONE NUMBER on their site I tried to reach out through email only to get the message “this email isn’t viewed by associates” please go to the contact us page…so I did only to not get anywhere. Now if nothing happens in the next few days of promised wair time Im calling my bank and having them pull my money back I suggest ANYONE TO DO THAT EXACT same thing if you recently made an order and youre in the USA and its been 14 days with no lights.

Sierra –

I ordered my LED lights in the beginning of January. They got here March 21, I was pissed. Today (March 22) I tried them, they looked like they were going to work when I unpackaged them. So when I tried them THEY DIDNT WORK AT ALL! The remote wouldn’t even light up when i had a good battery in it. So now I am going to order some lights from amazon. I know I can trust amazon because other people have made YouTube videos on it and they worked. DO NOT ORDER FROM STARDUST LEDS!

Kelli –

!DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM STARDUST! They are stealing your money. $44.95 from me, I never received my order and there was no tracking information. After many emails back and forth they said I would not get a refund nor would it be resent to me. …This is a Horrible website
on a 1 to 10 scale this is a negative 10 in a big pile of steamy dog crap!

Mayra –

We had issues with this company too. I placed an order on Jan. 20. The web site said it would be 10 to 14 days. I never received a shipping notice. I followed up by email through their contact page as that is the only way you can reach them. They said my order had been lost in shipping. Subsequently, they told me my order had mistakenly been cancelled and would send another one. Approaching 4 weeks I told them to just cancel my order and refund my money. They said they could not because my second order had merged with my first order that was lost. It took a month for the lights to arrive. They shipped from China; which is interesting because their web page says they are founded and operated in the US. Anyway, we had the lights up for 9 days before they malfunctioned. I have sent another message, but am not hopeful they will make it right. We’ll see. If you’re interested in LED strip lights, order from Amazon. At least they are easy to contact and work with for issues that may arise.

Sierra –

Victim Location 43214

Total money lost $85

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered LEDs from on Jan. 30th for my daughter’s birthday. I received an order confirmation email from [email protected], then nothing else for weeks. When I contacted them, at first, all of the emails just bounced back (there is no phone number). Finally, I received an email saying: "Hi! Thanks for reaching out!

Your order is now processing. Please wait for the shipping company to send you

an email with the tracking number.

Sorry for the inconvenience!" Since then I never heard anything else. I followed up again and have heard nothing. This is a fraudulent website.

Victoria –

LED Stardust LEDs. Com stole my father’s money and sent us a broken product and refused to send us a working one or refund our money. Through research I found out Just how horrible this company is and how they’ve been scamming people for a long time. When you try to leave a review on their website. It does not go through. Only the 4 and 5 Star reviews go through. They blocked me on messenger. And they do not respond to me on email. There is no phone number to reach them. I reported them to the Better Business Bureau. I also reported them to E They are stealing people’s information as well as their banking account information. They send their products from China I believe but the scam artists are also here in America. It’s a huge International. Scam! Excuse me, if my spelling and punctuation is incorrect. I’m very upset right now.

Monique –

Look you said china. That is where COVID-19 started. People in 2019 got there stuff look at the picture I took.

Kevin –

Victim Location 20602

Total money lost $43.80

Type of a scam Online Purchase

On November 29, 2019 I made a purchase online at for LED lights for my son’s room. This was a Christmas gift. Early December I realized I hadn’t received any type of tracking number so I visited the Stardust website and searched for a customer service phone number – NONE. I searched for a physical address – NONE. I check with my bank and was provided a phone associated with the transaction – DISCONNECTED. So I was left to email (email was listed on website) the company which I did on 12/9/2019 and inquired about my order. Over the coarse of the next week I exchanged communication via email (which I have) trying to inquire and each time I was asked to provide my order number (which I never received), the name the order was placed in, and the amount I paid. All of which I was able to provide with the exception of the order number. On 12/12/2019 someone finally found my order and asked if I wanted a replacement sent or a refund. I asked for a refund as it wasn’t going to make it prior to Christmas. I still have not received the refund and everytime I email to inquire I get the run around. Now I have waited another week to find out they still can’t find my order and a refund is against company policy. DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM STARDUST. They are a scam.

Patricia –

This company must be taken down. They are doing this to hundreds and thousands of people! So sorry this happened to you.

Grace –

Victim Location 13132

Total money lost $50

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Do not order from this website. Ordered on the 30th of November, now the 19th and have received nothing. Multiple people on Facebook with the same problem. They are a scam.

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