Stanley Jack Russells Reviews - Stanley Jack Russells Scam or Legit

Johnny –

Victim Location 56209

Total money lost $1,350

Type of a scam Online Purchase

We lost our Jack Russell due to cancer in May. She was almost 14 years old. We had purchased her as a companion for our son with special needs to help ease him through difficult situations. We were searching for another breeder of this breed because we really like them and they are a good companion. We had been on a list from a breeder in Prior Lake, MN but they only had one puppy and it was a male. So we continued searching for a breeder.

We found and talked with the breeder. He said that his puppies were AKC (American Kennel Club) registered and they ate “Froom” brand dog food. That brand is a grain free, higher end food so I thought he takes really good care of the puppies. We picked out a puppy named Emely and asked the price. She was $500.00 and he was running a special with free shipping. He uses a company that flies and delivers the animals to their new home. We asked if he accepts credit cards for payment. He then told us to go to Walmart and pay $500.00 and do a Walmart to Walmart transfer. I should tell them that the receiver’s name: Tony Bateman, city: Ohio, Phone number: (216)584-5540, city: Cleveland, amount $500.00. The worker at Walmart called the breeder asking about the breed of puppies he sells and if he sells any other type of animals. They talked for a little bit and the worker felt this was a reasonable transaction and proceeded. Once the transaction was completed we were to send a photo of the receipt to him, so we did.

We were very happy to have found this puppy and all seemed well. Later the shipping company emails us and says they need an insurance waiver for the puppy to fly. It is $850.00 and will be refunded when we pick her up at the airport or she is delivered to our home. Again we are to use the Walmart to Walmart transfer. The information we were to give was: name: Kaka Lionel, state: Ohio, city: Cleveland, zip code: 43233. Again, we were to take a photo of the receipt and send it to him, so we did. They emailed a form that I needed to sign so she could fly. I signed the form and sent it back to them.

We were thinking all is going well the puppy would be there late Sunday or Monday morning. We get another email from the shipping company saying there was a climate issue and the puppy needed an electronic crate for her safety because she could suffocate in a regular kennel that you would have at your house. This crate would cost $1,000.00 and be refunded when she landed. We really wanted the animal to be safe but questioned why the changes. He explained that it is too hot and she needed this style crate for safety. We asked what airline she would be on and he said American Airlines. Since we have heard of American Airlines but not these special crates we went on line and looked at the electronic crates. It made sense to protect the dog with the electronic crate.

We called the breeder and told him we couldn’t afford to pay any more money. We asked him to pay it and he said he only had $400.00 and we would have to pay the $600.00 and once she was delivered we would pay him the $400.00 he spent on the crate. We were to go to Walmart and do the Walmart to Walmart transfer again using the information: name: Kaka Lionel, state: Ohio, city: Cleveland, zip code: 43223. This time when we got to Walmart and they tried to process the transaction it was flagged a scam. When I called the shipper and told them that he told me to find another Walmart and do the transaction. I told him we had no other Walmart’s in our area. He then told me to find a Western Union and do the transaction there. When I told him we have no Western Union he told me to drive and find a place to send the money.

Later on, he tells me that the puppy is stuck in the shipping area and she needs to be sent or she will end up being quarantined for two months. Now we really feel like there are problems. The shipper and the breeder are being bossy and wanting more money. We tell the breeder that we want to cancel the order for the puppy and want a refund of the $500.00. We then tell the shipper that we are canceling the puppy and he tells us there are no refunds unless a puppy is delivered. I tell him I feel this is a scam. He says he would not do anything to jeopardize his company. I then told him I am calling the I text the breeder and told him the same thing.

Now we are very concerned. We called the Police Department and chief of Police, Officer X comes to our home. He looked over all the information we had and took some notes. He told us he will be contacting a fraud investigator from the county. He said we should contact our bank in the morning.

I called the bank and asked for someone who could help with a fraud purchase, I was transferred to Jean. We talked for a while and she asked me to come to the bank. I brought all the information I had from the Walmart transactions (receipts), the shipping insurance document that I signed, and the breeder’s address, phone number, and web site. I also gave her the shipper’s phone number and email. We talked about help from the bank’s fraud department and possible reimbursement because we didn’t receive the good we purchased.

The hardest part through all of this is that our special needs son was paying for the puppy with his own money that I put into my account. He has several disabilities and has not handled this well. He has not slept or eaten well. He is worrying about the puppy being trapped at the airport, he does not process that these people are not honest and we won’t be getting a puppy from them.

Thank you for taking the time to help with this situation!

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