Standford Associated Services

Sabrina –

Victim Location 13642

Total money lost $488.25

Type of a scam Debt Collections

They called me up about an old phone bill that I had while living in another state..from I thought they were legit..the only thing was the amount was about 300 higher than what it was originally..they told me if I didn’t work out some kind of agreement to start paying they were going to garnish my wages. And possibly take me your I agrees to pay 54.25 a month for a yr. And in turn they dropped the amount down a couple hundred..

I had it almost half paid off when I called them last month and asked them to skip the payment and I would pay the remaining balance in full by October 6th. However i couldno remember if I had agreed to call in with the payment or if they were going to automatically withdraw it as they had been doing with the previous payments..

So I attempted to call them..I couldno reach said this number is not set up to take calls..I tried 4 times..same response each I tried contacting them via email..a few hours later I get the message its unable to deliver..

i go online and do look up this company and I see all kinds of comments about how they were calling people and saying they had bills in collections.(basically what this company told me)..except some of these people never had any of these accounts Immediately deactivated my bank card..I have since called the bank and had it permanently stopped. They have checked to make sure my card is the only way they have accessed my bank account..sadly I have already paid half of the old bill off..but im glad i caught it before I gave them the rest of the remaining balance..

I know its unlikely they will be caught..but i hope they are..

They seem to continue using the same name..

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