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Bobby –

Victim Location 99832

Type of a scam Tech Support

I thought I opened an email from a known friend; clicked on the link which had the subject of Beautiful Tits and my screen locked up, a pop up came up and I could not exit the screen as it was frozen. The pop up said my computer was compromised or something to that effect and said to not shut down but to call this number for repair. 1-855-948-0302. I was in a panic and called the number and talked to a person named Peter who said my computer was compromised by a virus and that they could fix it. He put me through to a manager, Val Hayden who said they were in Texas and that they could do the repair for a fee of $300 US. I I said okay because I did not know what happened. I gave him my name and address and MC credit card number and he said a tech would call back. A tech named Avery could barely speak English called and said he needed to get on my computer thru LogMeIn and then run a program install code 726 627. I saw by the cursor that he was cruising around. He said it would take about 40 minutes. He called me back and said he was done and wanted a printed feedback on what he did. Avery was very pleasant but could not explain to me what he did. He exited out and said if any problems to call back.

Note during this time I tried to get in contact with my wife whose computer this was and who does IT tech work at her place of business but she was not available. I became very paranoid and suspicious so I called MasterCard and had my card cancelled. Something was not right with the computer screen and I called back to Spurtek. Peter answered the phone and put Avery on to talk to me. He did not have control of my screen at this point and could not answer what was wrong. I hung up and became increasingly worried. A short time later I got a call from a tech who said he needed to get back into the computer. because something was forgotten. I asked his name and he said "Bruce Wayne", I said "Batman" nervously. He gave me another code for LogMeIn and the run command. I did not do this, this time and this tech got very upset and rude to me. I refused to allow him onto my computer, he threatened me and hung up. I called the local RCMP and told them my issue and she gave me a anti-fraud number 1-888-495-8501. I called this number and talked with them and they took my information and said that was all they could do. Calls from Spurtek came in threatening to crash my computer if I did not pay as I cancelled my credit card in fear of bogus charges. I told them that I reported them to the RCMP. They called again and this time a John said he wanted cash. I told him to send me an invoice and I would pay. He was trying to get me to do a transaction over the internet and I said no. I said that I would have to go to the bank(stalling him) and John said okay but that I needed to go to MoneyGram and send the money to Bruce Wayne @15101-Palm Eastlake, Ft. Myers, Florida 33919. John said he was a senior teach and that he would crash my computer. He said there were other ways to get their money. I hung up. He called again and my wife had come home whose computer I was on and using and he threatened her. She hung up after telling him he had no business on her computer. They called back four more times each time, she hung up. I am reporting this to the ScamPulse.com and I see that there have been other instances of claims to this business of the same nature. They had to be complicit in the link which was http://bbt12.tumblr.com with this scam to extort money from unsuspecting people using unscrupulous and threatening methods.

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