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Mario –

Victim Location 20782

Type of a scam Tech Support

I’m pretty sure the address and phone number I found on their Facebook page is bogus, so I don’t have an address. They will tell you that they’re based in Tuscon, AZ though. I made this post on their Facebook:

Wow I have a bone to pick with you people. Some dude with an alias straight out of a comic book calls my family’s landline, proceeds to explain to my Fragile Lady Brain how computers work, and doesn’t answer my questions about how his company, Spring Techno Solutions, which claims to do technical support for Windows, is actually affiliated with Microsoft (he also mentioned Napnix in there somewhere, so be suspicious of them too). At this point I should have hung up but I just couldn’t stop myself from watching this train wreck play out. So he directs me to open my event viewer and tries to use the error messages on the event log to scare me into believing that my computer is terminally ill (a moderate number of error messages is actually very common in functional computers). He says that I need to wire his company $300 immediately to "fix" it, which I tell him I’m not comfortable with. He gets pissy at me, tells me I’m a bad computer parent and I’m irresponsible if I don’t pay them immediately, yada yada, at which point I finally hang up on him. tl;dr, if anyone cold-calls you from Spring or Napnix, assume it’s bull[censored] and hang up on them.

Maggie –

Victim Location 33440

Type of a scam Tech Support

Guy called identifying himself as Tom Copper from Spring Techno Solution i let him check my computer via remote control and he is telling me that my computer has files placed by hackers and over like 700+ infections and stuff like that and it would cost me 199.00 one time fee for them to fix everything and when i looked at the so called "infections and i found out they were just errors nothing really dangerous so i figured its a scam

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