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Austin – Dec 20, 2020

Name is Ryan wiseman

Gamer tag was royalsfan66614

Amount he owes 750

Time elapsed 1 year and 3+ months

Sold him a 2k19 account on ps4

Contact info email is [email protected]

If you want pics and proof message me and I’ll provide all messages over 300

got ripped off for 750 dollars it was supposed to be 1200 but by the time he sold my account the year was half way in on Nba2k19 I was one of the highest rep players and had countless hours had 98 96 95 and 3 90s which is a lot of vc. He sold my account called me when he was getting paid I gave him the info and that was last I heard from him the buyer of account was decent enough to buy me 2k again on new account but I didn’t even really play I literally sold my account cause I needed for rent and bills I literally lost the place I was living in. I turned out ok but the point is this guy is a crook and has gave me the run round and it’s been over a year and a half he don’t even respond to me I emailed him least 300+ times it’s crazy how big of a scam it is and people actually recommend him cause he pays them. I want my 750 and have contacted a lawyer but he should just make things right and pay people he has the worst excuses there is so much more I could say but what’s it really going to do. If he is scamming as many people as I’ve seen so far dude will end up in prison and I be happy with that pay everyone you sportstnb you bum

Jillian – Jun 22, 2020

I purchased a renegade raider account for my son last month and my story is nearly identical to the one above. I paid with PayPal with goods and services but the seller wouldn’t accept that, insisting that I do only a friends and family transfer. He held the log in information until I filed a case with PayPal and we really got into a tense negotiation before he finally relented and transferred the information and waited until I changed the log in and was able to access the account, after which I cancelled the claim. I thought this was all taken care of until yesterday when my son was playing on the account with his friends and all of a sudden it shut down and locked him out. We were able to contact the original account owner and talked with him only to find out that sportsgamingTNB had never paid him for his account so, him being the original owner of the account, he was able to get it back leaving me out $300.00. We had purchased several skins and a battle pass that were added to this account and the owner agreed to pay for those so at least we didn’t lose that.
Something to keep in mind is that the original owner can ALWAYS retrieve the account as it is strictly against Epic Games policy to sell accounts. Having said that, please don’t be tricked by these scammers on eBay or any other sites. It seems they can steal money and get away with it with no problem.
I plan to contact the police department, state attorney general and secretary of state where this crook lives and see if there’s any recourse there. I think it’s bad enough stealing money but scamming these kids is a new low.
I guess they operate on the principle of “Why work for a living when you can just sit around and steal money from those who do?”

Craig – May 17, 2020

Victim Location 80908

Total money lost $300

Type of a scam Online Purchase

My 14 year old son spent $300 of his own money to purchase a gaming account from this company. Before allowing him to do so, I asked him to research the company and he found several glowing reviews. I allowed him to make the purchase using PayPal for their protection back on April 30th. It is now May 17 and what should have been a virtually instantaneous transaction has been prolonged through lots of excuses about why the product can not be delivered. I have since done my own research and found that this company has scammed hundreds of people and will often pay people to post positive reviews or force them to post a positive review in order to get their gaming account. There are hundreds of complaints on every social media platform and various scam warning sites. It appears that this company does provide a handful of gaming accounts, just enough to stay above board in his own mind, I suppose. The company is run through several LLCs with both the owner and his parents who live at a Boca Raton address as the primary agents. I do plan to file a report with the Florida Secretary of State on their 2 LLCs, Sports TNB and Playa de Palmeras Reality LLC, the 2 companies used to scam my son. As far as the PayPal protection, I filed a complaint a week ago. The owner of SportsTNB then contacted my son, as shown in the attached screenshot image (one of 33 images), and told him he had the account ready and could only give it to him if I removed the complaint. I did. He did not give the account. I did not know that once you remove a PayPal claim, you can not file a new one against the same company. Clearly, he did know that. My primary concern here is that he is targeting children under the age of 18 who are the primary demographic for video gaming.

Justin – Jan 24, 2021

Did you have any luck after contacting the authorities? I just had a similar experience. I’d like to do something so he can’t keep doing this to other people.

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