Jesse –

Victim Location 74010

Type of a scam Tax Collection

My husband received a call leaving a message stating he was being sued by the IRS and it was important that he call them back. My husband called the number back from a different phone stating only his name and asking what the call was pertaining to they stated they were having a hard time hearing him and he said yes, they again stated two more times they couldn’t hear him and hung up. My husband stated they were of foreign nationality and felt we were being scammed. We have heard of scams where the caller will ask if you can hear them and when you reply yes, they record it and use it as you giving them approval for whatever the scam it… We haven’t lost any money as of now, but I am in hopes by reporting this information it will cover us just in case.

Grant –

Victim Location 74632

Type of a scam Phishing

Identified themselves as irs. Foreign accent, huge room of people in background

Sara –

Victim Location 74033

Type of a scam Government Grant

Tax fraud and a warrant for my arrest has been issued.

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