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I was applying for jobs on Indeed and then received an e-mail regarding a Remote Executive Manager position. The e-mail said the pay would be "Employment: Full Time/Part Time Working hours: 40 hours/week or 20 hours/week Salary: 1340$/week or 670$/week" and that they are looking for someone with excellent customer service and that can work well independently. I then responded that I was interested and then learned in the next e-mail that it would be for a 10 day trial.

The next e-mail contained more information about the job description in what I would be doing, like answering phone calls and placing orders for customers. The e-mail also included a "Labor Agreement" form. After I signed the form and sent it back, I received another e-mail. This time the e-mail was about Bitcoin and how I would be using it to make purchases for the clients. The company would send me 2-3 Interac transactions to fill up my Bitcoin wallet. They wanted to know my bank name, e-mail address associated with my account and phone number. I did not reply back to this e-mail as I then learned about the employment and cryptocurreny scam, so they did not give me any money, and did not get any from me.

There were a few things that I found suspicious such as some errors with spelling and grammar. Also, the "hiring manager" said this in an e-mail: "Because I am your manager, and I have a few people in this position, I communicate via e-mail only." I thought it was bizarre that I didn’t have an interview and that this person would only communicate by e-mail and not over the phone. Since they provided a website, I also looked at it and noticed that on their Events page, the city where the events are is Hyderabad. This is located in India, not Canada and instead of saying "Enroll" it says "Enrol"

Please look into this company as I believe they are not a legitimate business.

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