Speedy Loan Ocean Capital Credit Ltd

Wesley –

Total money lost $700

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

So I got a call from this loan place and I was earlier looking at a loan to obtain anyways the lady’s name is Shania she called first left a msg saying my loan has been approved. So I called back and she was explaining how this is a installment loan not a payday loan if I’m looking for that their company doesn’t offer that. I thought great I know I’ll be paying interest but will be easier to pay off monthly I proceeded to give some info then she said we do need verification that if any issues arise you will be able to honor your monthly payments. So here where it gets good I asked how would you like this proof screenshot of my account? She said no I need to verify 700 dollars and how I would do this is to go buy steam cards or money vouchers as she called them and soon as it’s verified that I indeed paid for them the money will be returned straight away. So my intelligent self actually went and bought the cards n called her back gave her individually the pins she said ok they are all good I’m going to release the funds give me alittle time and I’ll call you back once the transaction is complete. So this all took place at 8pm her call back to tell me the transaction is complete was at 925pm she said check your account in a couple hrs if it’s not in there try sat morning if you bank does weekend banking if not monday morning. Monday morning comes n nothing in my account I call Shania and ask what’s going on she had said it’s shows here the transaction has been successful I’m glad you called because we would’ve thought you received the money I will call you back once I see what’s going on. Call back comes she says the company goes thru 3 banks so they had incurred fees for the money transfer and because it’s a large amount and coming from states our company has paid it but we won’t release until you send back the fees we had to pay. I said I dnt have 427.00 u guys already took what was for my saving the rest my money went on bills rent and food I do have 3 children. Her repose well if you don’t make payment today we will cancel the file take what you owe from the money the company paid plus charge you will penalties so you will receive 73.00 dollars back from us. So we talked back and forth so I asked just to see what she would say if I could just etransfer the money her excuse was no because then it would etransfer to the business account and charge you 321 dollars on top of the 427 in taxes. I did have a feeling on Saturday something is off but I really needed this money to help bury someone close to.me I gave benefit of the doubt I really realised by Sunday something definitely is nor rite here n I just got played for 700 dollars that wasn’t disposable to me at all so monday confirmed it I called my bank explained I closed my account told miss Shania I will send the cards tomorrow give me a day to come with the money she said ok sure no problem all I need is a day for my bank to officially close the account which she doesn’t know but needless to say I did fall for this scam and I’m out 700 dollars please don’t fall for same do your research and no loan company will ever ask for any type of payment up.front before you even receiving any funds. Be wise be alert hope nobody else gets suckered in!

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