Sparkling Maine Coons Reviews - Sparkling Maine Coons Scam or Legit

Lacey –

Victim Location 64089

Total money lost $300

Type of a scam Online Purchase

We were looking for a Maine [censored] kitten to adopt since we don’t have any breeders in our area, so went online. seemed very legit with lots of photo’s and testimonials (including one that had a recent buyer nervous about buying online).

There were also photo’s of one of the (supposed) breeders. Had great details on health and vaccines..had details about shipping..ect

It is so sad that we have to live in a society that we can’t trust anyone.

Never AGAIN!!

Shana –

Victim Location 15001

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I tried purchasing a kitten from Sparkling Maine [censored] and was told I would have to wire the money to them and they would get the flight (shipping) figured out right away. I explained I wouldn’t pay that way and only felt comfortable using PayPal. So he sent me a picture of his driver’s license. Odd thing is, it said he was from Texas…but they originally said they were from District of Columbia. So I questioned him but he ignored my questioning. I asked if he could send more pictures of the kitten and instead he sent a video of the kitten in the same position as the pictures were. My husband and I talked and decided we wanted to go pick up the kitten instead of shipping it so I asked if we could do that. He explained they don’t do that anymore due to health issues and don’t want their kittens around any sickness etc. I explained I wouldn’t need to go inside and someone could bring the kitten out to us and we would pay in cash. But I got no response after that. I emailed asking again, and texted, but no response at all. And I noticed they changed their website and took their prices off.

Rose –

Victim Location 66040

Total money lost $400

Type of a scam Online Purchase

We contacted these people about a maine [censored] kitten that they had for sale. After the first initial email they then called us and we were communicating via text message, phone call and email. We sent them payment of 400 dollars for their kitten Oscar and received confirmation that the money had been received. After money was received all communication stopped. We have the receipt of money sent and text confirmation that money was received.

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