Southland Trucking Reviews - Southland Trucking Scam or Legit

Julie – Jul 17, 2020

Same thing is happening to me. Southland Trucking’s actual phone numbers found on the internet show disconnected. My seller had a recent throat operation also. The shipper won’t let me come by and pick up or see the car when it is on the way to where I am going on a trip. Guessing this is a scam company. Beware!

Miranda – Jun 30, 2020

Victim Location 02180

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I think this business is used as a "trusted third-party" in an online antique car scam. Basically, when you ping an online ad (on "Kloompy", in this case), you are contacted by a plausible person with a bit of a sob story.

They need to sell the car, they can’t talk (offshore oil-rig worker…or in this case- a recent throat operation!). The car is in storage at the shipper (in this case Southland Trucking). So if you wire your $$ to them they will deliver.

But Southland Trucking does not exist anymore- I’ve spoken to a neighbor- and the number provided by a google search is disconnected.

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