Southeast Property Solutions Reviews - Southeast Property Solutions Scam or Legit

Jacob – Sep 15, 2020

Victim Location 37920

Type of a scam Identity Theft

Applied to Indeed position as a realtor’s assistant at Southeast property solutions. Was emailed by [email protected], under the name of Macie Thompson. The sender had told me my application had been reviewed and requested I email Mr Richard Smith, the supposedly realtor at [email protected] Richard Smith first emailed me explaining the job duties, what was expected, and asked basic info., my name, my address, phone number. Then sends me a list of items such as software, printer with scanner, fax machine, separate self phone etc. He then proceeds to tell me that he will be sending a check to buy these items, as well as a $250 starting bonus for myself. He overnighted the check via Fedex, including the tracking number. He emailed me the same morning the check arrived. He then begins texting me, asking if I received the check. Realizing it might be a scam I do not answer for about an hour. He then begins emailing and texting me asking if I had received the check. I respond telling him I need confirmation its not a scam before I deposit the check. He then responding simply by telling me I need to deposit the check as it is a real position. I call South east financial and they confirm it is a scam, and apparently several others had called about the experience too.

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