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Marissa – Sep 14, 2020

Absolutely a scam. At no point did I realize I was signing up for any reoccurring delivery. They make is appear as if you are getting product for an introductory price, ($6 something) which is really just a come on because, if you don’t cancel within 14 day, they charge you the full $89. Then they indicate they will be sending you a supply every month. It took a lot of yelling to get the money back. This stuff is available locally without going through this nonsense. It should be reported to the local district attorney as fraud.
AJ, Oakland, CA

Dana – Sep 07, 2020

Victim Location 87043

Total money lost $179.66

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This company was advertising a free sample just by paying shipping and handling, which I did and in a few days after I received my bank statement with the shipping charges plus the full amount of the product.

I called the bank because I didn’t even recognize the company and started the dispute. They said to the bank that I did accept a "trial" they were offering and the bank told me because I gave my credit card number it wasn’t considered a fraud and that I need to file en complain with BBS and the Attorney General of my state.

I am a senior on fixed income and I think that a lot of more people are suffering for this scam.

Zachary – Sep 05, 2020

I just had the same experience with an $89.34 unauthorized charge put on a credit card. When I called the number that the credit card company gave me, the only option was to press 1 for a representative. Then, after doing that, it came back on with the same message. The next time I called, I hit #2 and got connected with someone named “Aldarin”. I was told that the item had been shipped and they could not refund my $ 89.34. After I kept saying no this is NOT ok probably 6 times, he finally said ok i can give you back a $40.00 refund and stop the shipment. I said no, you are going to give me back my entire $89.34( probably 4 times), he said the entire amount would be refunded and gave me a confirmation number. From the very beginning of this conversation, the background noise of others talking was so loud, this “Aldarin” said “can you talk louder, I can barely hear you”, more than once. I just got louder and realized that it was a deliberate move in hopes I would be so frustrated I would agree to his $40 refund. It just made me angrier that it was a PURE SCAM and I kept say no, you are going to give me the entire amount back on my credit card. If Dr.Phil truly endorses this product, I am furious if he is fully aware of how dirty this operation is. I ended up having to cancel the credit card (at their suggestion) and because of that unauthorized charge, a pet food order charge was denied. More inconvenience because of pure GREED. Whether I get the refund remains to be seen. How low-down of Sonoma Valley Health. BEWARE !

Hilary – Aug 04, 2020

Victim Location 92223

Total money lost $359.32

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered one bottle of a sample product of CBD oil from Sonoma Valley Health, after viewing online testimonials and favorable reviews. The advertised price for the free sample was $6.84 for the shipping paid by credit card. I received a shipment containing a bottle of CBD oil which I did order and also a bottle of 30 CBD capsules which I did not order. Within two weeks (when I received my credit card bill in the mail) I discovered that my credit card had unauthorized charges of $89.84 and $89.82 to EasyOrganixHealth. I decided that when I had time I would call the 888 phone number on my bill to find out what these charges were. Within less than a week of receiving my bill I noticed that two new identical charges had been made. I called and they told me I had a subscription order for monthly renewal and must not have read their terms. When I argued that I never read that and wouldn’t have agreed to that, they offered me a partial refund of $30 on each of the June charges and $60 on each of the July charges for a total of $180 and not have to return product with insurance and restocking fees. I have received an email from them cancelling my subscription for their product as of 8/03/20, but nothing about my refund credit. This is a very shady company with very devious business practices. As of right now, I am out $359.32 and their product has done nothing beneficial for me. I question the validity of their product and claims.

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