solution Group

Grant –

Victim Location 60690

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Mr. Walker has receive an unlimited number phone call’s, from ( Solution Group)= at ( 1-312-985-0007) agencies, or company. From previous experience on conduct business relation with other company or agencies, This pattern of phone call’s, pretend, be represent an distinguish agencies, or Company, request for an certain person or individual." Stated"; they has personal information or would like to discuss over an important personal business matter. On one business phone call receive from Solution Group representative, asked for a person or individual, and I reply stated your business intention, or what is this matter regrading, the other business parties did not answer! he or she sound suspicious, similar sign of sensitive of an scheme or plot to obtain personal information to used fraudulently, This Agencies or company staff or employee are suspend of corporate launder illegal fund from certain person that victim of under reasonable circumstance, by solicitation or ambulance chaser, for certain clients, and attain the wrong source of information. And usual those source to attain illegal fund. I were fortunate not share any personal information with this agencies group employee’s.

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