Solar In America Reviews - Solar In America Scam or Legit

Kristen –

Victim Location 80249

Total money lost $4,000

Type of a scam Home Improvement

CUSTOMER BEWARE!!!!!! I RARELY DO REVIEWS BUT THE PUBLIC CONSUMER NEEDS TO KNOW THE TRUTH!! PLEASE BEWARE AND DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH FREEDOM FOREVER OR SOLAR IN AMERICA & DO EXTENSIVE RESEARCH ON SOLAR COMPANIES!! READ THIS IN ITS ENTIRETY. I HAVE EMAILS, TEXT MESSAGES & CALL LOGS TO BACK ALL OF THIS UP! I’M LOOKING FOR A LAWYER NOW. This company is a fraud. Freedom Forever has other smaller companies contracting & baiting customers with all these "PERKS" for signing up. I was baited by a Company called Solar In America dealing with Carl L Lee who is a total fake!! He is nice at first to get your business then a fraud and VERY RUDE after he gets the contract signed and then you get nothing they promised once you are in the loan contract. THE MAN THAT CAME TO MY HOUSE TO SIGN ME UP WHO WORKS FOR CARL L LEE, (TREVOR DAVIS), EVEN SAID HE HAD NEVER GOTTEN PAID FOR HIS WORK, WHICH I ALSO HAVE IN A TEXT!! I was promised they would give me a rebate check from them to cover the first 18 months of the loan for the solar panels, which should cover me till I got the Income Tax solar rebate all to put towards my loan which should make my monthly solar/electric payment $92. I was also promised a $50 gift card just for doing a review on Solar in America, which I did raving review at first but once I saw what was really going on I changed it to reflect the truth, and once I did Carl L Lee was Very rude and said he wanted nothing to do with me and that Whitney Fisher would handle everything from here out. She also seemed nice at first said she would handle everything and apologized for Carl’s behavior. No more than a few days later she was also making false promises and avoiding my calls & they say they are working on it, the check is in the mail since 8/23 & they all avoid calls, texts & don’t respond to anything. They also promised an extra $1000 for going over 30 days on the installation, but of course backed out after the fact. Lastly, I was supposed to get a solar package to help keep me energy efficient including 2 Nest Thermostats for my 2 furnaces, LED light bulbs for my entire house & weatherstripping. I HAVE NOT RECEIVED ONE SINGLE THING THAT WAS PART OF THE DEAL THEY GAVE WHEN WE SIGNED UP!! THIS COMPANY IS DOING A CLASSIC BAIT & SWITCH!!! PLEASE BEWARE AND DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH SOLAR IN AMERICA OR FREEDOM FOREVER!!!! DIG DEEP INTO ANY SOLAR COMPANY BEFORE DOING BUSINESS WITH THEM DUE TO THE FACT THAT FREEDOM FOREVER HAS/HIRES CONTRACT WORK TO DO THE BAIT & SWITCH!!! ANYONE CAN CALL AND WORK FOR THEM? CALL THE PHONE# 888-557-6431 AND LISTEN TO THE OPTIONS #3 TO BECOME A FREEDOM FOREVER DEALER?? THIS IS VERY FRAUDULENT!!

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