Soho consulting group Reviews - Soho consulting group Scam or Legit

Emmanuel – Jan 21, 2021

These people go under the names of Silva.Consulting
or their newest website Santos Group both are Scam websites. Thank you for you post Exact same story as your above except the building they gave me has been 34 floor of 200 water street N.Y. other than that everything you stated above is the same for my case too. Thank you for posting and exposing these Scammers.

Whitney – Aug 11, 2020

Victim Location 83501

Type of a scam Investment

Very long story, but here is the short version: Was contacted by this company stating that I was going to get $580,000 due to this man named Brian Lee Johnson who did some criminal activity with some money I apparently invested with him years ago. All I had to do was pay for the court costs over in Costa Rica which was $2900 and is where this supposedly took place with Brian Johnson. I had a bad feeling and contacted my niece who went to schooling for detective work and my co worker who is a very intelligent man. They found out the company does not have a NY business license, are not on the BBB, not listed in the business pages of White Pages, their website domain was purchased 3 months ago and then shortly after that they created their fake website. They also found out they are not listed as a current tenant in the building they have listed: 100 pearl st, New York, Ny 10004. After calling and talking with me Collins several times who has a British accent I finally got hung up on when I asked him why they are not listed as a current tenant in the building. I hope to God the FBI catches wind of this because this scammer was GOOD. He had all the right answers and stayed calm the entire time.

I wrote this for my co-worker who was the actual person trying to get scammed. Please note when I use the word “I” am referring to him not me (the person who wrote this).

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