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Edward –

Victim Location 45069

Type of a scam Phishing

Automated message stated (paraphrased): "Your credit card has been charged $399 for expiration of software license. Call (614) 999-1240 for more information." We had no expired software license. Upon checking with our credit card companies, this charge was never made. This was done to incite a person into action to call the number given. A message was also left at another time on our answering service with the identical phone number and a garbled message from an automated call. We did not call the phone number given.

Carla –

Victim Location 53050

Type of a scam Tech Support

Got a call on the phone asking if I wanted to continue my anti virus software "say YES" to keep it or that if I wish to cancel the software I must "say YES" to cancel.

I told them I am not hooked up to the internet and I don’t have any software like that. The person told me I HAD TO say "YES" or I would be charged. I told them thanks for staying on the line long enough so that I could have the phone number traced and I would be turning it over to the police. I then hung up. A man called back 4 times, but each time I let the my voice mail pick-up, He left a message the first time telling me I had to say "YES" or I would be charged for the software. I then added the SIT tones (vacant/unassigned code) to my voice mail greeting message to stop Robo-calls. See "Wikipedia" special information tones.

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