Socrate Labradors Reviews - Socrate Labradors Scam or Legit

Travis – Aug 12, 2020 their website has socrate at the very bottom so looks like the same people just a new name Got me good. If anyone knows there address please let me know. There phone is down below along with contact info.
We were trying to replace our dogs (had them for 17 years) who died this year with puppies and were promised two puppies from this company and they sold them to us for $600.00 each and that came to $1200.00 it came time to ship them and they said we had to make a deposit of $950.00 each total $1900.00 for crates to ship the puppies in and we would get $920.00 back for each crate when the dogs arrived so now total is $3100.00 and no puppies they are a fraudulent company. We are senior citizens and live on fixed income and this took a good deal of our savings. People like this should not be able to take money from people. Please do something about them. Here is all the info I have on them email– [email protected]
phone 918-601-2817
ashley evans [email protected]
zack abdinasir [email protected]

Dustin – Aug 08, 2020

New website:

New Email:
[email protected]

Pretty much the same deal as already mentioned for Socrate Labradors.

Sean – Aug 03, 2020

Socrate Labradors and Olive is a COMPLETE SCAM. Before sending $500 through Zelle I spoke many times with “Olive” on the phone, many texts and emails. He wrote me a letter saying they are a “God fearing and Christian family”. Even spoke with him Saturday as he was “on my way to to the airport for having my dog shipped”. Then I got the emails about $900 for shipping, as CassieM mentions. All hogwash. My calls to him are now blocked. Website is down. My family and I are out $500.

Janet – Aug 02, 2020

Thanks to these people they shared their experience but this socrate Labradors I guess it’s a scam can’t thank them enough for saving me because I was getting ready to fall into the same trap my dog recently just passed away and I was looking to get another one these people save me a lot of heartache and grief I can’t thank them enough this would have leveled me they probably saved my life or possibly someone else’s

Victoria – Aug 03, 2020

Yep. He got $500 from me. A COMPLETE SCAM

Clayton – Aug 02, 2020

I was just in the middle ordering a puppy dog from these guys and all of a sudden the websites been removed thank you so much for saving from being scammed my doggy just passed away recently not looking to get another one this would have killed me thanks to you reporting this you probably saved my life or someone else’s sincerely JTB

Larry – Jul 26, 2020

Scammer’s website

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Email

Claim to be a reputable seller of Labrador puppies. They have pictures of the different puppies that are available. Once you choose your puppy, they request $700 payment through Zelle. The email says the $700 includes the cost of the puppy and shipping charges to ship the puppy directly to you via AA or Delta Airlines. Once they receive the initial $700, they request an additional $900 to be paid to the “shipper” for a $50 crate and the remaining $850 will be refunded after the puppy is delivered. Their Zelle account is set up through Wells Fargo, currently under the name of Olivia Kana. They had an ad under puppy, but as soon as they were called out and threatened with the legal action, they removed their profile page. If you offer to pick the puppy up, or ask questions regarding AKC registration papers, they discontinue all communications with you. Apparently, they have operated under Luna Labradors with the same scams/puppies. They claim to be located in Oklahoma, and/or Minnesota. I have contacted Wells Fargo and reported their fraudulent Zelle account. Buyers beware, these people are [censored] and losers!

Candace – Aug 12, 2020

I got ripped off by a [email protected] sounds like the same deal did you get any info out of wells fargo? They got me for $3100.00 2 puppies for $600.00 each plus $950.00 each for crates

Marissa – Aug 02, 2020

Kick-[censored] thank you for this report you save me a lot of grief bless you for this report if it wasn’t for you and your report I would have fell into the same trap thank you so very much my dog recently passed away and I was looking to get a new one this would have leveled me thank you again

Janet – Aug 01, 2020

Cassie, I just came across your post. I am in the middle of the same think with Mr. Kana. Just received word from him that the dog is shipped and waiting on info. from the “shipper” to pay a refundable deposit for the shipping crate. Would love to hear a suggestion from you. Thank you.

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