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Ross –

Victim Location 91744

Type of a scam Phishing

Its a prerecording that states your social security number is being suspended due to fraud and you have to click 1 to be connected to an agent. Once you are connected they tell you that your name was used to rent a car that was detained at the border and a dead body was in the car. They ask you to verify your DOB and last 4 of your social. When i talked to them, there were able to give me my full name, address and birthday.

Sandra –

Victim Location 90240

Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

I accidentally answered this phone, and hung up when I realized it was a robot speaking. The first call was trying to sell me a vacation package. After answering this phone call, they called me another 5 times within the next few hours (from different numbers), and left two messages on my phone. These messages claimed they were from the social security office.

Caroline –

Victim Location 90019

Type of a scam Phishing

Nearly every weekday for the last few weeks, I get a call from an unknown number from a city other than where I live (LA) – I don’t answer calls from numbers that I (or my phone) don’t recognize. They leave a message -its an automated message in a computer voice- warning me that legal proceedings will begin if I don’t call back – they provide a number: 312 .500. 7085 (different from the one they used to initially call me) Today, i called the number The phone didn/t ring even once and a man’s voice with a heavy European accent said "Social Security Office" I asked him to prove he worked for the SS O he ignored my question and asked me if I had a case ID number." I hung up. How do I get them to stop calling? Who do I report this to? Blocking the number won’t work as they call from a different number every time.

Wendy –

Victim Location 91205

Type of a scam Phishing

Claiming they are from the sociel security office.

Alexis –

Victim Location 95111

Type of a scam Phishing

Called to say my social security was at risk. Claimed to be steven Harris client id number 559631

Wanted me to send money for lawyer and give complete social security number. When questioned and put on spot he ended us saying [censored] you to me haha

Abby –

Victim Location 95127

Type of a scam Phishing

I receiver a call from the Social Security Office saying my Social Security number needed to be verified or else it was going to be suspended.

I had three days previously called the SS Office to reset my password so I thought that this call was official. The auto caller voice says to press one to speak to a person which I did. I was transfer to a person and he asked why I was calling today. Then he asked me to verify the spelling of my name and my date of birth and then he wanted my social security number. I told him I don’t give it out over the phone and he hung up on me. I called the number back and a voice mail says it is Media Link or Linkers web design and to leave a message.

Douglas –

Victim Location 90043

Type of a scam Healthcare/Medicaid/Medicare

Our client received this call accusing her of bank fraud and dealing drugs. They asked to verify personal information. OUr client gave us the phone number (909) 352-0668 x 70019 and to speak to Jordan with case number #6063

When we called on her behalf, they gave us a case number of "*** *** and they called from the company *** We are beyond apalled! I hope these people get cought.

Charles –

Victim Location 90028

Type of a scam Phishing

They called & I answered they put me on hold and I went through only because I just went to the SS office. But after being on hold for 15 secs it just went silent. I said “hello” about 3 or 4 times but then got a funny feeling so hung up & tried to call the number back but it wouldn’t go through.

Audrey –

Victim Location 90804

Type of a scam Phishing

They left a message for me to call without identifying who they were. When I called, a person with a middle eastern accent answered, Social Security Office. The only reason I answered the phone is my sister and brother in-law live in Texas and 281 is their area code. These scammers must be stopped.

Theresa –

Victim Location 91356

Type of a scam Tax Collection

They discriminated saying we are black, they told me they wanted to steal my social security and kept asking for it, then threatened us with very scary threats. Please stop these people they have made me scared and they keep calling.

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