Social Security Administrative Reviews - Social Security Administrative Scam or Legit

Luke –

Victim Location 44004

Type of a scam Phishing

I received a fake call from 800-725-5517 saying my social security number is eliminated.

Rafael –

Victim Location 32505

Type of a scam Other

a so called social security admin office in San Antonio , Texas It is the investigative social security admin the ADDRESS is 411 Ridgeland Hill zipcode, 78245, they will ask for your social security number, age ,how many people in your house hold, what kind of car you have , your bank ,your birthdate, they also will say you have legal charges against you and that they will suspend your social security number and give you a new one and that someone has been using your name and social security number and do you have any credit cards and if you do how many how much is in your savings account and checking account they will also threaten you and say if you say anything during the phone call that is being reported it will be used against you and that they are trying to get you out of this situation they also told me that they found a car and a house in my name and that I have 1 to 2 million dollars they found drugs and this is some type of money laundry also they want to clear your name out of this matter they will connect you to the DEA, Drop Enforcement Administration they will aslo call back to back with different numbers they also will give you a badge number officer name and mention about an arrest warrant .

Drew –

Victim Location 44112

Type of a scam Phishing

The scammers call you and tell you to call them or your social security number will be erased. They leave messages sometimes, but not all the time. I have not talked to them.

Luis –

Victim Location 32825

Type of a scam Other

Got a phone cal from them stating they were SS Administration. They said to my daughter that someone stole my identity and drugs were found in my car and that there was a warrant out for my arrest. The person on the phone asked for my social security to identify myself. I gave them my social security.

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