Social Giant LLC

Eddie –

Victim Location 90012

Type of a scam Employment

I recently responded to a job posting on ziprecruiter for a sales position at a Social Giant LLC (… After a couple days, I received an email saying that they were interested in hiring me and gave me a few questions to answer and a personality test to take. Nothing too crazy. Upon doing this, I began to research as much as I could on this company and it proved to be rather difficult. They have a pretty decent website that vaguely describes what they, but other than that and a couple social media accounts, their presence online is relatively sparse. I knew something felt weird about them, but I played along because I was curious. After a few days, I received a phone interview request from a character named Marc. He called me on the day that I scheduled and we talked for about 10 minutes. He was a fast talker and spoke in very broad, general terms about what they do, but it was tough to nail down any specifics. Basically he detailed that the job could be done remotely and I would be given a script to use for acquiring clients via Instagram. He also said that the training would be done remotely too, because their main office was apparently over-staffed. Essentially, I was given the job with little to no effort/questioning on my end and he told me that the next steps would be starting in a week or so. After that time, I was sent a "Welcome Package" email requesting my personal information: copy of ID, s.s. number, bank info, etc.

I still didn’t feel right about this, so I tried to do some more research and found that ‘Social Giant LLC’ doesn’t even exist (at least in the state of CA) and they have virtually no other info about them on BBB, career sites, etc. Needless to say, I did not give them any of my information. So I did not personally get scammed, but felt as though they were trying to do so. Something is off about this "company," not sure what specifically, but I wanted there to be record of this instance. I would encourage anyone else to proceed with caution when dealing with group. Feels like a rather elaborate scam to get personal information. Worth looking in to.

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