Smoke Signals

Caleb –

Total money lost $190

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

I purchased an Grenco Sciences G-Pen Pro from SMOKE SIGNALS on Rideau st. 2 weeks after purchase the unit failed, when I contacted the store they told me to bring it in. The day I did the owner told me he would get back to me by the end of the day. After a couple days of calling and not getting an answer I returned to get my pen to start a claim with Grenco Science to get it repaired. The rep asked for pictures of the unit to which I sent them and he replied simply to tell me it is a fake. With this information i contacted the store, they took a week to get back to me claiming they needed to talk to the owner. Today i contacted the owner and he informed me that he would give me a new unit for 50 dollars.

While I was in yesterday looking for the owner trying to resolved the conflict I asked to look at another unit on display, I then noticed the unit I was handed was also stamped incorrectly just like my counterfeit one. I told the owner this today and he said he would give me another one. I asked for verification from the manufacturer ( a receipt or serial number ) if i was going to meet him in the middle and give him 50 dollars for a new unit. He told me that he wont show me his paper work, when i asked if i could just get a certification for the unit he told me he would not. This leaves me with only the option to go to court and chase him for this money.

He is claims he wont give me a refund because I cannot prove that i did not switch the pen. I paid cash and only have a cash receipt and he gave me no way to certify it in the first case. The store has a no return policy but it is selling counterfeit items. What should I do?

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