Smiley Sammy puppies Pure Bred Samoyd

Johnny –

Victim Location 32127

Total money lost $1,000

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I found a breeder for Samoyed puppies on Tuesday May 7th online. I filled out a form of my contact information on their website to find out more information on the puppies they had for sale. The website is By 2:17pm that same day they had texted me to let me know they sent me an email and a questionnaire to see if I qualified for the puppy. I then emailed them back saying we were interested. In the email they told me they had a 30 day guarantee for a full refund, that the puppy had all it’s vaccinations, and so forth. They told me I would need to pay $850 for the puppy and an additional $150 to have it shipped if that’s what I would like. So my husband and I decided to have the puppy shipped. We would’ve gone and picked up the puppy in Georgia but my grandfather was on hospice that week so we were unable to travel. And I made the first payment through Zelle which Wells Fargo uses as a wire transfer. This payment was made on 5/7/19 at 9:55PM. The breeder stated that payment was received. I told them I was unable to send them any more money for 24 hours per Wells Fargo policy. I also stated I would not send any more until the contract was signed. 5/8/19 they sent me the contract. I signed it. 5/8/19 at 10:38PM I sent the additional $500. The breeder confirmed payment the next morning and asked me when I would like the puppy delivered. I told them I’d like to have it the next day Friday 5/10. They did not email me back. I sent another email asking when I would know the puppy would ship. They then emailed me saying that they would set up all arrangements on Friday. Friday morning they emailed me saying they set up transportation for Saturday 5/11/19 and that the estimated time of arrival was 6:45PM. 6:45PM came and went. I waited an hour before reaching out to the breeder. I texted and called both numbers. I also emailed them. By 8:45PM someone finally text me back saying that I should’ve received a tracking number and to check my spam folder of my email. I found two emails from the airline called Diamond Air County. One email says they had received the puppy and gave me a tracking number. The following email said that my puppy had been declined for transport due to the weather and the crate for the puppy had been rejected for transport. They stated I would need to buy a crate for $1800 or I could rent the crate for $1100. They said if I rent the crate my money would be fully reimbursed once the puppy arrived to my home and was out of the crate. I informed the breeder of this information. They said they would try to get a hold of the airline to see why this was the case. I tried to call the airline. They had an unclear voice message. I also emailed the airline. They emailed me back at 10:47PM Saturday May 11 saying the same thing. Requesting I send them money through Zelle so that they can ship the puppy. The breeder also texted me back at 10:45PM saying the same thing. My husband and I googled the airline and it says that it is a scam. We did not have the name of the airline prior to this. So we could not do any research on it. We didn’t even think to check that. The website said they give you a fake tracking number and tell you they are shipping your puppy, and then they say that they need an air/heat crate for transport and ask for $1100. We also found a website afterward saying that these breeders are frauds. I did try and do research prior to the purchase of this puppy on the breeder. My sister in law works in a law office and also told me the contract is legitimate. The website has since changed their email. I texted the breeder again and told them we do not have $1100 and asked them if they would cover the cost since they’d be reimbursed. They then said they could cover $500 if we could cover the rest. I stated I do not have that money and that we would come pick the dog up tomorrow. They said to contact the airline since they no longer have the puppy. The airline I contacted again through email to tell them I will come get the dog. No response. I texted them the next day stating my husband made it halfway and his truck broke down and we now need money for repairs so we would like a full reimbursement as per the contract. They never responded. I’ve since filed reports with the FBI, police of Port Orange, Florida State Attorneys, and Georgia State Law. Wells Fargo closed my claim without telling me. They state no fraud has been done on their part since I sent the money. I told them I understand that but by you allowing this to happen you are allowing people to scam other people. That I felt safe using Zelle because it was through my bank Wells Fargo and that I thought they would back me up and keep me safe. They repeatedly have told me they will not help me. I am just waiting for a paper from the bank saying they’ve closed my claim and I will then file a report with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Today I was on Wesh 2 News in regards to this scam.

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