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Jeffery –

Type of a scam Phishing

I received an email today that read, "Online Dispute Resolution: It started out by saying, "that we have been unable to settle our dispute." I then received an email that stated that "Katrina" has filed a claim against my company on I have never heard of a Katrina Brown.I was then instructed to click the link to read the claim and start to settle the dispute. I did not click any of the links.

Earlier in the day I received a phone call asking me for our email address because, "Her mother can’t find some correspondence from us and thought it would be easier to find with our email address."

I had a record of that telephone number from which the call originated. I called the number and asked if Katrina was there. The response by the lady that answered said, "Katina Brown?" I replied, "Yes." She said you don’t sound like Katrina." I replied that I was looking for Katrina. She asked, "Who are you". I said I was a friend to which she replied, if you won’t give me your name, I won’t give you her number.

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