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Robyn – May 21, 2020

Victim Location 78634

Type of a scam Employment

I have been looking for remote work since the covid crisis came about. I was sent an email from Robert Shaw (email: [email protected]) from SMA Solar Technology about a prospective job. I was then told to download the Telegram app to conduct an interview with Matthias Victor (email: [email protected]) It seemed legit and detailed. I was then sent i-9, w-4, and a job offer letter from Matthias via email after being offered the job. I sent them my social and all other personal information. I was sent a check from a credit union here in TX for working materials. After depositing it via mobile banking I was sill told to wake up at 8am and "check in" with him. When the amount became available in my account I was told to transfer funds in the Cash App. When the limits of what I could send were not going through, I was told to go to the post office and purchase 5 money orders, 4 in $1,000 and 1 in $500. After going into the post office twice and having my card declined, I checked my bank account and saw that my bank declined the check for fraudulent reasons. I went to the drive thru for my bank so they could look into the check, after calling the credit union they were informed it was a fraudulent signature. When I confronted "Matthias" about it being a fraudulent check, he gave ab excuse about "unscrupulous individuals" who hacked into the system and stole the funds and how the company was now in a loss. After I told him I was reporting him to and he wouldn’t get any cash/credit from my social, I haven’t heard from him since.

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