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Victim Location 54801

Type of a scam Other

My mom got a cell phone call from someone looking to help her qualify for student loan forgiveness based on Obama’s plan. They didn’t know that she was just a cosigner on the loan. She passed the call off to me, and they began asking for my full name, email address and total amount owed. I gave them this information. When they asked for my Social Security number, I began wondering who this company was, so I stopped giving them information. I told them I wanted to check them out online, and they gave me a phone number (1 844 588 3338 ext 251) and website ( Though their website looks convincing, there’s not a whole lot of real information about who they are. On googling the local number they had called my mom from (715 214 2259), the commenters said that this number was calling abusively 4 times a day. A few people said they were asking for student loan help, but others said they were asking to put signs up in their yard?

I then read the following from this article: (

"The important thing to remember about student loan debt is that it must always be repaid – it cannot be eliminated unless you have a federally qualifying reason (death, permanent disability, school closure, falsification of documents or identity theft). If you come across a company that promises to get your student loan debt eliminated, it is a scam!"

I’ve also read that all of their services I can do myself for free.

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