Skying Reviews - Skying Scam or Legit

Tommy –

Victim Location 20910

Total money lost $74.99

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I saw in my Facebook feed a product for a home food waste composter that I had seen online somewhere else a couple years ago but didn’t purchase at the time because it was much too expensive and not yet on the market. When it recently came up in my feed, I was excited about the price and bought it through the link in the fb feed. Everything seemed to be normal through check out and I even received an email confirmation. UNTIL, after my purchase the link routed through fb to the product reviews and I saw that people were complaining that it was a scam and they never received the product. I called my bank right away but they said the business looked legit and to wait a few weeks for the product (said 7-15 days for delivery). It has been a month and the product never arrived. Today my bank and I both tried calling the phone numbers provided by them but both had a constant busy signal every time. My bank said they would refund me and would dispute it with the company. But can’t help but think that this company could keep getting away with this and wanted to report about it here. The product I was buying looks like it was a copy of a product by Zera- from the comments I read, they must have taken photos from their website and scamming people by selling it at a much lower cost.- The real product can be found here: and it looks like it still hasn’t been released to market. I am going to also call Zera and let them know that someone is using their product as a scam. Please note that the scam company is Skying or Lucurybuy and NOT Zera. The scammers have two websites: and and show contact emails of [email protected] and phone numbers of 1-361-316-7079 and 1-662-376-8954. Hope this helps!

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