Sky Light Loans Reviews - Sky Light Loans Scam or Legit

Armando –

Victim Location 16260

Total money lost $1,900

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I was looking for a personal loan and i have bad credit. I was online and filled out some loans that match you up. They called. We talked, they were not on the they have a very professional online site. With Twitter and facebook accounts. So they paid off my discover card and i was to pay them back. So it would boost my credit score. It took to long for their checks to clear discover. So they put $1900 in my back account. I then had to go to walmart and buy $1900 worth of walmart gift cards. Email the receipt and the back of the cards to them It still was not enought to my credit. They sent me some documents. They were NOT happy when i told the that i told my bank. I thought i did my homework and got my bank to release the $1900. But the next day like i said, they told me that is was not enough to boost my credit. So they deposited $3500 in to my account. I talked to my bank. And they told me it was a scam. I talked to discover. Their check did not clear. So I am out $1900 plus i had to close my checking account and open another.

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