Sky Delivery Express Reviews - Sky Delivery Express Scam or Legit

Adriana – Apr 18, 2020

Victim Location 29720

Type of a scam Romance

I was contacted by a man who calls himself Luo Chong but now goes by Luo C Soon on Facebook. He was super nice at first and basically told me everything I wanted and needed to hear. Things moved with us quickly which now I’m embarrassed by considering I’m married. My husband does know. We started talking on March 9th and on March 11th he asked if he could send me something. Me being gullible said sure which I was assuming it was something small. March 14th and he supposedly sent me something. He gives me tracking which says I should have gotten it the 17th. 3 days is extremely fast for something coming from the UK to the US or at least I think it is. Luo tells me to reach out to the carrier who calls themselves Sky Delivery Express. I did and was informed I owe $2,500 in order to get the package. They ask me to wire the money to some account and I tell them I will. I go to the bank and show the bank all the emails and everything. They inform me it’s likely fraud and refuse to do it. I continue to have conversations with this "company" and they go on to tell me I need to pay the money so I can get the package. The end of March rolls around and I start getting a really bad feeling about everything because Luo’s whole attitude towards me starts changing. He gets distant and of course I’m wondering why. I decide to Google the California address on their website and it comes up to a different carrier in the US with an entire different website that looks much more legit so I reach out to them. They inform me it’s a scam and not to send any money at all. Now the company is talking about legal charges and all this stuff. I also found out that the guy Luo Chong was not the same guy from the pictures and of course after saying something to him he blocks me on all social media. He blocked me on Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp. Sky Delivery Express has still been insisting I get this resolved even though I told them I have no idea what’s in the 5 boxes that supposedly equal to $2,500. They are talking about legal stuff now and have even asked me if I have a lawyer. I have so much proof of everything that has happened. Including an invoice that Luo supposedly got when he sent the packages. I made sure I kept proof because I had been getting a bad vibe for a while. I also had another lady tell me he tried to do the same to her but she declined the package when he had asked her about sending her something. I wish I had now. I have not sent any money luckily and I’m not going to so luckily no money was lost.

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