Skinny Fit

Kristen –

Victim Location 99163

Total money lost $115.85

Type of a scam Online Purchase

A couple of months ago I found an ad on Facebook that points out to the website of Skinny Fit, the company selling herbal teas. I clicked on the link and opened their "buy now page" thinking to buy their detox tea, but did not buy it – the price was ridiculously high ($60 for 28 bags). When I was ready to leave the site, it opened another window suggesting to try their product for $9.95 only (a screenshot attached). As you can see it contains no one word about subscribing on a recurrent service. It simply says "Try" (to me it means: buy it once and see how good it is). If you look into "Terms and condition" you won’t find any signs that you are subscribing to a recurrent service. Everything looks like a single time purchase. So, I proceeded with ordering. As a result I was charged $16.90 right away, 49.95 three weeks later (the difference between $9.95 and the full price) and was enrolled (against her will) into a subscription with the monthly charge of $59.95. It is certainly a scam because the web page of Skinny Fit never asks explicitly if you want a subscription or not. Talking with a company representative over the phone I got an impression that the company realizes that their way of subscribing new customers is, in fact, criminal. After my husband menaced them that we will call our bank with a complain that SkinnyFit uses my credit card number without my consent, they agreed to reimburse $109.90 (all but postal charges). But they did not do so yet. We think that Facebook is also involved in this criminal scheme because of placing the links to the scamming website in their stream.

Audrey –

Victim Location 66207

Total money lost $54

Type of a scam Credit Cards

On 09/21, I placed an order and was charged $5.95 for a promotional/initial Skinny Fit order. When you order, the company places you on an automatic re-order system and sends more product each month. On 10/16, I was charged $47.95 for my second order and received this order. On 10/29, for some reason I was charged $53.90 for a third order which was not placed nor was it received. I called on 11/6 and cancelled my subscription to Skinny Fit. This cancellation was well within the automatic monthly reorder time frame. I never did receive a third shipment of the product. On 11/6, I received an e-mail confirmation cancelling my subscription. I have that third charge of $53.90 still charged to my credit card even though I didn’t place the order and I have my cancellation e-mail from the company telling me no additional charges would be made and have asked the company multiple times to reimburse my card, but the company has not responded. This company has charged my credit card for an additional delivery and not even replied to my requests for reimbursement.

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