Skin Youth

Christie –

Victim Location 60564

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Skin youth poses as the serum that is endorsed by Dr. Oz and offers a free trial. This is not true regarding Dr. Oz! You put your credit card in for the free trial (only paying $4.97 for shipping). Hitting next, the site takes you to three different pages promoting other products. The pages when you click to not accept it really is putting the product in your supposed cart. After the third page of product the site takes you to your invoice, no review of cart rather an automatic charge for items you did not even want!! Four separate charges were placed on my card ($4.97, $5.97, $34.97, $38.97) Its a total scam. I immediately called the customer service line and told them I do not want any product shipped and all charges removed from my credit card. The agent said ok and even gave me a cancellation number. I called today as the charges are still on my credit card and they are now saying that the product shipped and the only way to receive credit is if I return the product. What a joke! These charges have been disputed with my credit card company but this is not how a company should operate and it really is trickery at its finest.

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