Skin Refrigerator Reviews - Skin Refrigerator Scam or Legit

Jenna –

Victim Location 93292

Total money lost $59.99

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Was referred by a friend to order this great deal on a mini fridge for skincare, because she did as well, through Instagram. Never had an issue ordering online before, so I quickly went ahead and bought it. Everything looked absolutely legitimate on the ordering web page. Was very easy to order, you could select colors, there was only a few hours left of the sale, etc. I got my receipt/invoice of payment.

Fast forward a few weeks, noticed I never got my product. Then a while later I receive this email stating that they were overwhelmed with orders and shipping got backed up and my tracking number would be sent again. Well, I didn’t recieve a tracking number the first time as it turns out. Never caught that the first time around.

When I go back to reply to the person, the email address isn’t found. I try the Instagram page, apparently numerous other people have ordered and never recieved their product either, and it’s all a scam. I am more critical this time around and really look at their Instagram page and website, and theres definite red flags that it could be a scam. Although it’s tricky on the Instagram page, because while it was all going on, the page was replying back to people and answering questions and such, so it again, seemed ok.

Definitely was a harsh and slightly expensive lesson in Instagram scamming.

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