Sixteenthworld Reviews - Sixteenthworld Scam or Legit

Curtis –

Additional info:
The website is back up atm(2/12/20).
I came across this ad on Facebook however it came up for
While looking at the comments to see if the site was legit, the page owner provided a link to to another comment. Both websites appear to be the same and offer at least some of the same merchandise.

Note I have not attempted to purchase for a few reasons.
I’ve checked both sites over the last few days and the prices for the items keep changing. As well as both pages advertise that Paypal is accepted prior to checkout, however it isn’t actually an option you can use when checking out.

I got an email trying to entice me to finish checking out which I replied to asking why Paypal wasn’t actually available and got a reply saying it was due to “Technical Difficulties” and to “just use a credit card.”

Take it for what you will, but I think I’m going to pass on their “special offers”

Jordan –

Victim Location 47404

Total money lost $41.87

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This site popped up as an ad on Facebook. I went to it and ordered my son a cute little dinosaur jacket. After paying, a clip popped up telling me I save so much percent (I believe it was 25) on my next purchase, which, thank goodness I didn’t take advantage of. I had already spent over $40 on the jacket. The jacket never came, so I sent them several messages through their ‘contact us’ button. Never received any response. Over the past month their site has changed from sixteenthworld, then it started redirecting me automatically to gazethestars, then it went back to just sixteenthworld. Now when I click on the URL, nothing at all happens…cannot find that page

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