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Larry –

Victim Location 32401

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Scammer is selling a 2011 Forest River Berkshire RV, for $19,000., likely among other vehicles listed on Craigslist. They are duplicating an ad, photos and VIN #, of an actual camper for sale by owner in Alabama. The "seller" calls themselves Sandra Wiliams, a divorced flight attendant, using a transport service to handle the sale of her RV. The fictitious company is Sioux Falls Vehicle Carriers.

They have a very convincing website, with working links and even a FAQ. Their phone number has a 605 area code, which is consistent with Sioux Falls, SD area codes. They will send out a ‘purchase contract’, requesting funds be wired in advance, in full, so that they can ship the vehicle to you for a 5 day inspection.

Same as many other scams, but with very convincing website and documentation. They even have a live operator who will answer the phone as the above stated business.


Krystal –

Victim Location 43201

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I have been searching for a car on and various other websites. I responded to an add in my area and was contacted by a "Maria Torres" who had just moved to South Dakota. She was selling a vehicle and a pretty big discount. She described the purchase going through Sioux Falls Vehicle Carriers. The money would go into escrow and be held while the car was delivered. I would have 5 days to look the car over, test drive and decide if I would keep it. Then the money would be released or the vehicle would be returned. I was suspicious but I checked out the web site and it seemed very legitimate. The company emailed me an invoice from a company email account that again seems very legitimate with a phone number I was supposed to call to arrange the wire transfer.

When I called the person who answered did not answer in a professional manner for a company that is supposed to ship vehicles nationwide. There was no automated system and no "Thank you for calling Sioux Falls Vehicle Carriers". The man on the phone just said hello and was a little unsure how to answer some of my questions. That is when I knew it was a scam. He seemed flustered. He said he would send me wiring instructions but I never got them. I decided to keep playing with them. I got another email from Mrs. Maira Torres stating she had many people interested in the car and if I was not going to wire the money soon that she would have to sell to someone else. So I emailed her back and told her I never received the wiring instructions. She said she called the company and they couldn’t do it on a Saturday so I should call back on Monday. I replied that I definitely would and please please not to sell the car to anyone else!! So I just called back and let it ring about 10 times. There was no answer. Again very shady for a national shipping company. 2 minutes later they called me back from the caller ID. Again just shady!! Same guy…very unprofessional sounded like he had just woken up. This was about 20 min ago. I am going to contact local authorities and keep these guys on the hook for awhile but wanted to get this notice on ASAP.

Chelsea –

Victim Location 17038

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I found a truck on Craiglist for a good deal and so i contacted them. This is what i got:


My name is Dessi Wagner. Thank you for being interested in buying my 2011 CHEVY SILVERADO 1500 .I have a clean title and carfax, only 64,000 miles. The price was reduced at $6,400 firm, because of my recent divorce, This truck doesn’t help me much as a woman, so thats why the low price and quick sale. 80% of my time is spent as a flight attendant, so it would be hard for me to deal in person. I set up everything with Sioux Falls Vehicle Carriers so I don’t have to be present. I left the truck with them so they will also handle the transaction. Will be waiting for your full name, address and ph# so I can have the shipping company send you all the necessary info if you want the truck.

Hi! Thanks for replying

Currently I am living Sioux Falls, SD.The truck is also in Sioux Falls as well and for the sale I chose Sioux Falls Vehicle Carriers. They provide shipping and escrow, the shipping being free.

Using Sioux Falls Vehicle Carriers you have 5 days to try it out and they will keep your money in a trust fund account until you receive it and it passes your 5 day test out period that you are entitled to. You also have the option to send it back(returning is free as well). The refund of your money takes 24 hrs in this case. Just keep in mind that I don’t receive the money until you inspect it for 5 days and take a decision.

I can have the company to send you a formal e-mail about how this works. Send me your full name, shipping address and your phone number and I promise you nothing is mandatory if you receive the invoice!

I contacted the Sioux Falls Vehicle Carriers on the phone number listed on their website, and a man with a very heavily foreign accent answered the phone. After a questioning him about their various services, I asked to be transferred to someone who lines up shipping. He told me they would call me back. I asked to be transferred and said i’d let a message. He hung up. I called back and found that not only had he blocked my number, but the main number on this supposedly huge shipping company is a mobile number- I got a Verizon mobile message!

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