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Brandi –

Victim Location 36619

Type of a scam Charity

I thought I was following Sid Roth on Instagram and the con started when he directly messaged me and said "Bless you and how is your faith?" Then he responds with "God laid it on my heart to pray for you and offer you spiritual guidance." I guess I was astonished and wanted to believe. He quoted scripture and asked for prayer requests. Then Day 2 of messaging he says fasting, prayers, and giving are important spiritual disciplines and he is acquainted with a nondenominational ministry that needs support. No donation is too big. Quoted more scripture and was very persuasive. He knew the Bible well and knew exactly how to use it. He began to get pushy about me sewing my seed and giving a donation in order to tell me the last part of the scam to use my annoying oil to receive blessings and said I could send money Western Union. I was about to send money and before I clicked send, Western Union had a disclaimer to not send money to charities via Western Union because its probably a scam. So I checked the Instagram page and saw he only had 500 followers. Then I checked the real Sid Roth Instagram page and he had over 31,000 followers. Thank God I listened to my gut feeling. It just seemed to good to be true when he told me God was about to grant my deepest desires. I feel a tad pathetic for believing him, but glad I wisened up.

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