Siani’s towing

Tyrone –

Victim Location 19140

Total money lost $246

Type of a scam Other

My dads car was towed from in front of our garage after receiving a ticket that stated blocking garage. I called the police district after trying to resolve the issue with Miguel Caban(Mike) the owner who threatens to get me arrested for harassment and telling me my dad is lucky he got his car back. Mind you my dad have veteran tags and is a Vietnam Vet, who was legally parked in front of his garage. When I called the police district I spoke to a very nice officer who after hearing the name of the company informed me they are a bunch of scammers and the officers hate dealing with them. He also said that this company drives arounds and calls the cops to issue tickets, so they can then tow the cars. Even after showing proof that it was my dads garage they made him pay 205.00!! My dad even paid to get a woman’s car out bc they illegally towed her car as well and she had no money to get her car and was hysterically crying. This company has been illegally towing cars and then threatens “customers”, yells at them, refuses to give them information and also threatens to hold owners vehicles hostage. This man needs to be shut down and never allowed to open another company. He has also open Angelina’s towing and possibly Hammer towing.

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