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Lindsey – Apr 27, 2020

Victim Location 15139

Type of a scam Employment

On the day of April 9, 2020, I have received a message on my fiverr account from a Davis Henderson who offered me a job as virtual assistant fom SIA Engineering Company. He suggested me to Jack Williams. I signed the offer letter and thought it was a good idea. Then I received a check for $3,950 from a delivery truck from FedEx. A few days later, I signed the check and delivered it at the drive thru at PNC Bank to endorse it. I even shared a receipt with Jack Williams, so he wanted funds to scam me. Then a week after that, I received a notice that it was a fictitious check. The bank is now able to investigate the check that is not worth using.

SIA Engineering Company should close down and terminate the following workers, Jack Williams, Davis Henderson and Mary Higgins. It was dangerous experience and must be avoided at all costs.

Corey –

Victim Location 66112

Type of a scam Employment

I received a text message from someone who called themselves Mr. Ashley James and they were interested in interviewing me for their Customer Service Representative position. I was then told that they would conduct an online interview through Google Hangout, which I thought was kind of weird to begin with, but I was curious about what might take place during this supposed job interview. During the interview I was asked a series of questions, which were coming in rather quickly, then after the interview I was told that they felt my experience and background is well suited for this position. This was a red flag because my experience has been working in child care centers, so I don’t know how well experienced that is for this position. During the interview, I was offered the position for $35.75 an hour starting out. I was told to email the vendor they use in order to order the laptop and other equipments that I would need for this position and when I did that, I told the person that interviewed me whose name was Melissa James the total cost of everything and she told me that they would reimburse me if I go ahead and pay about $400 or $700 for one of the equipments, which was a major red flag for me. This is what made me officially realize that this was a scam. I just want to stop anybody from making a mistake. I am glad that I was smart enough to realize what was going on. Be smart, and be careful because unfortunately this was too good to be true. I hope this helps others from making a big MISTAKE!

Alexandra –

Victim Location 94603

Type of a scam Employment

I was offered a home position after just doing google hang out with him through text at pay rate of $39. He offered me the position saying based on my experience they decided to go with me. He told me he would be sending me a check to put into my account not cash it but put into my account to buy the things I needed for the job.

Gabriel –

Victim Location 11207

Type of a scam Employment

I was contacted by text message by someone stating they were Isela Garcia from the recruitment team at SIA Engineering Company and they saw my resume on Indeed. She said my resume fit a position they were offering for $39.84 an hour, as if that wasn’t a sign I continued to be hopeful.They wanted me to conduct the interview through Google Hangouts which was already sketchy as ever but I continued and was messaged by someone claiming to be Mr. Tang Kin Fei who on SIA’s legitimate website is the Deputy Chairman of the Company. He took me through the interview process responding fairly quickly for the paragraphs he was typing which was another red flag, along with little grammatical errors. He did answer the questions I asked though, making me question if it was a scam or not. After him asking and me answering the typical interview questions he said I would receive a job offer letter through email which I was to sign, scan and email back to him. He said I would need training which they offered at $27.00 an hour before I could begin my job which would start at home and sometimes in one of their U.S. offices near me, another red flag. The final straw for me was when he said I needed a laptop and a whole bunch of software needed to access company data, etc. Seemed like no big deal until he said he would be sending me a check in the mail for the laptop and software along with a tracking number to track it then asked me if I had any questions. I asked him a hard question to see his response. I asked since your company is based in Singapore am I allow to receive my pay in checks instead of direct deposit? Also will NY state and U.S. federal taxes as well as S.S. and Medicaid, etc – all the the usual taxes that come out of a check in NY be taken out my check so I will not have to worry about during the upcoming tax season? He replied "Yes, sure." YEAH NO. Right then is when I stopped answering although he said to be on Google Hangouts the next day for my tracking number for the check. I woke up the next day to my doorbell ringing around 7:30am, it was the FedEx guy with a overnight envelope, when I opened it, it was the check for $7,577.95! The check looked legitimate but had three keys signs that I already could tell it was fake: 1. The bank logo and the signature on the check were pixelated. 2. The bank had no address only a city and state that looked different from the logo text. 3. The check felt like regular computer paper although it had a perforated edge, it wasn’t thick like a real check. All in all I let this Mr. Tang Kin Fei know that I wasn’t comfortable with all the red flags, that the check seemed like a fake and that he was most likely running a scam. To that he never answered but it was my answer. It was a scam, fortunately I was smart enough to trust my gut feelings and never give him my account info or deposit this fraudulent check. I hope this helps anyone else they sick people try to scam! I shredded the check by the way, another way to keep anyone else from trying to cash it.

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