SIA Engineering Company Spoof Reviews - SIA Engineering Company Spoof Scam or Legit

Walter – Aug 12, 2020

I had a gut feeling this was a scam from the beginning so I asked hey questions.
Because of The Covid situation I tried to have an open mind about the way they approached me (via indeed and then in texts only) but by the 2nd time I was texting them I knew all they were trying to do was get into my account.
This is a very elaborate scam! The amount of effort they put into it they could get legit jobs!

Clinton –

Victim Location 07112

Type of a scam Employment

The name of the company is SIA Engineering Company.

The SIAEC Group provides extensive maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) of aircraft to more than 80 international airlines worldwide.

With certifications from more than 20 airworthiness authorities, SIAEC’s six hangars and 22 in-house workshops in Singapore provide complete MRO services in airframe, component, engine, aircraft conversions and modifications to major airlines from four continents. Our component, engine and modifications joint ventures forged with the world’s leading engine and component manufacturers, further deepen our MRO service offerings.

At Singapore Changi Airport, SIAEC provides line maintenance services to more than 50 airlines passing through Singapore. We ensure a high level of punctuality for all our customers’ flight departures. Beyond Singapore, our growing network of line maintenance support is extended to airports in Australia, United States, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam.

With our comprehensive and integrated MRO solutions, we are dedicated to providing on-time deliveries and meeting every need of our customers.

Here is the company’s website ( You can review it while we proceed with the interview.Okay ?We have locations worldwide and currently working on setting up some branch in The US in UT,IN,CA,PA, NJ,TX,GA, NY, TX, NC, IL, VA,FL,MO and MD, That’s why we are employing online,but when the new office near you is ready you can be assign to one of them that is if you qualify after the interview DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITY:Tracks data and source documents.Prepares and sorts source documents, and identifies and interprets data to be entered.Compiles, sorts and verifies data for accuracy.Contacts responsible parties or clients from other organization  to resolve moderately complex questions, inconsistencies, or missing data. Also perform Records keeping, keyboarding/data entry and performing a variety of other office tasks account balancing, invoicing recording,proper data analysis of sales records and recording pay slips into accounting database all these will be done through the use of the Accounting Software,emailing confidently and positive attitude Online from home.

Can you handle the Job duties if you are being trained towards it ? JOB REQUIREMENTS:

These are the requirements for the Job…

-Must be a U.S. Citizen, Canadian Citizen Green -Card Holder

-Must be fluent in communication and English

-Must  have a clear criminal charges

-Must be at least 40 wpm average(WPM means Your typing ability words per minute)

-Must be 18+ average….

I believe you have no issue’s above …? Alright, The company will be providing you with the funds you will be using in purchasing the software’s you will be working with, You will be receiving a check this week and i will update you on when the check will be coming to you. The check will cover all the equipment you will be needing to start work with I believe the company can ensure your commitment and full trust right? The check may be issued out by any of our 26 affiliated companies who owes SIA Engineering some amount of money so this automatically serves as our refund as it is used solely for the benefit of our employees. Am i clear? Once you receive the  check you are to have it deposited into your account and funds will be Credited and available the following day for you to withdraw and make purchase to the vendor who is the shipping agent whom the Company has been  purchasing  software from tested and trusted…. is that clear? This means as soon as all needed working and training equipment’s are available, which mean you are set and ready to proceed with training, you will be assigned a supervisor who will reach you on phone to schedule your training, when to meet you in-person along with your working paper’s and document and get to know you better as a worker, Also you would be receiving an Employment Offer Letter in your Email Box anytime this week and you’re to print it out and sign on it and Email it back to me Okay ?

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