Craig – Feb 24, 2020

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I’m NOW convinced that this online retailer is just another front for bogus merchandise specifically targeted towards one particular brand of shoes (sport/adventure/training) – "Salomon". There were (now) red flags under their shipping/returns which should have clued me in, i.e. products are not to be considered the actual brand for colour/availability/style, AND they hold all the rights for refunds (partial or otherwise). It’s also NOT HTTPS (not secure). I’ve been monitoring my credit card almost daily to ensure nothing unusual, other than the bogus charge, happens. I’ve also initiated a dispute with my credit card company for this purchase of Salomon hiking boots. In almost two weeks of checking on status ro updates, I’ve not received anything through email. They DO NOT have a contact phone, international or otherwise. Not even an email address. They use an online "form" which I have used daily. Again, no responses.

I’m sure that this particular website goes by different names and in different countries. Not easy to discern whether legit or not the first time you’re navigated to this site, which BTW was done through a genuine Google search for the product I was looking for.

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