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Nathan – Apr 18, 2020

Victim Location 91977

Type of a scam Phishing

"Shoppers Voice" sent an on line offer for a $75 Chick-fil-A coupon if I fill out a survey. After completing a very lengthy and invasive survey I expected to finally receive the promised coupon. Instead they provided a coupon for a small bag of coffee for $1 and a coupon for little grocery samples.

I believe it’s illegal to offer something in return for another thing and then not provide what was promised after a customer fulfilled their part to qualify for that offer. It’s definitely unethical.

They extracted valuable personal information from me. I don’t want them to use it or profit from it as I was scammed into providing my info under false and fraudulent pretenses.

I wish for them to cease and desist from further similar scams against me and others. I wish them to not disseminate my information and to retrieve my information already disseminated. I wish them not to profit from using my personal information, having extracted it by fraudulent means.

I didn’t save the online offer for a $75 coupon in return for completing their survey. Of course it is no longer shown after doing the survey.

Thank You,

***** ******

Jodi – Mar 25, 2020

Total money lost $300

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This company says they will give u products free like televisions vacuums body wash etc if u do a review on it then you get product free. But u have to pay upfront and when you do the review they confirm you have done it but then they dont give you the

refund. They wont answer emails to anyone they just keep peoples money

Jerome –

Victim Location 30165

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Offered $1000 PayPal credit for completing exhaustive surveys. When I tried to contact them the phone number was not in service.

Terry –

Type of a scam Employment

You get a text message advising to you can earn 400-500$ a week as a mystery shopper, with Shoppers Voice. To email [email protected] and to include availability. Then they send you and email stating

"Dear Agent 9835495X5, Thank you for choosing to represent the Company in the secret shopping task. Just to let you know that you have been accepted for this position and that the first the payment /assignment would be issued out on Friday and should be arriving from today via Canada post mail. Please check your mail box / Physical address for delivery and email for instructions as soon as delivery is made. I will keep you posted regarding the delivery and what steps to take . Your ID card and Badge would be issued out by the end of the 30th of October. Regards, James Dyer, Secret Shopper®

Then you receive a check and letter advising for you to deposit check in account and survey the experience with different banks. There is no phone number associated with this company. The only one found through Google, was not assigned. I did not submit the check, some people on review have and was scammed over 3 thousand dollars. They use an actual company name on the Check "MCM 2001 Inc" address: 25 Bertal Road, unit 9.

Shoppers Voice survey company has acknowledge this and advised that they do not have a mystery shoppers program and Secret Shopper in the states, Minneapolis, has not returned my call as yet regarding name verification ( Micheal J.Spencer- Human resource Manager- on letter).

Chase –

Total money lost $1,995.39

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

They offered a mystery shopper position, and mailed me a cheque. I deposited it, and informed my bank to check the validity of the cheque. After 4 business days and a call to confirm the cheque was good, I carried on with the assignment of a transfer of money to a specific account. After 4 days, my bank tells me I have a bad cheque when I tried to deposit a second one. I emailed the Phillip dyer to say my bank didn’t process the cheque properly, and they told me they’d fix the situation but no money or contact has been received.

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