Kellie –

Victim Location 22303

Total money lost $350

Type of a scam Online Purchase

These retail scammers are slick and they have done a good clean up job wiping their footprint clean from the internet.

They post fake testimonials on youtube (now mysteriously all deleted) & I’ve attached a pic of what I could capture of the scam team who all created testimonial videos. They had an age range of young twenties to people in their 70’s all giving positive reviews.

They fake posts on various scam advisor websites of being legit and positive (also all are fake) and create bogus blogs:… – all of which are now mysteriously GONE !

What is the scam ? advertises quality merchandise at half the regular price using a slick website that appears to be legit (screen capture:, but in order to purchase anything you have to buy an amazon gift card & give that to them to get the money. There’s no way to pay to an account. This way they can steal your money & not be tracked. You never get the merchandise because it’s a scam and there’s no recourse. Their website is now gone and their emails bounce back; all traces of them on the net are miraculously gone. Consumers need to be aware – these are not legit retailers and they need to be found and prosecuted to the fullest. ALL OF THEM.

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