Ship to world tmsc

Kyle –

Victim Location 63031

Type of a scam Employment

I found this job on and I know that on indeed all jobs are in there is real so when I did that application A lady called me her name is Mia Sprin and she told me that I qualify for the job in that basically all I will have to do is receive the package to my home and mail it through the post office or through FedEx and at the end of every month I will be paid $2,500 so when it was time for me to get paid she told me that the payment will be 3 days it takes up to 3 days and sometimes it comes in my bank account the next day and when I received the last package for the month I was never pay and on the third day I called her and the phone was disconnected and I’ve been calling and calling emailing and no one wants to answer

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